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Two new digital courses to help you choose the right AWS game server

Are you a game developer using AWS to host your game servers? Are you looking to use AWS Game Tech to provide the right player experience while also meeting business needs? To support game developers in choosing the right game server hosting solution for their needs, we’ve recently launched two new digital courses.

Game server hosting on AWS

When hosting game servers on AWS, developers are presented with different options to provide the right player experience while meeting business needs. For example, you can use Amazon GameLift as a fully managed game server hosting solution or simply choose the feature you need. Or, you can manage the servers yourself and run your game servers on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

When planning your new game or migrating an existing game, you must consider many variables that affect game operations and player experience, such as the location of game servers relative to your players and performance requirements, security, and costs associated with managing and maintaining your game server environment..

If you are new to AWS Game Tech, we suggest starting with Getting Started with AWS Game Tech, a digital course that introduces you to the portfolio of technical products and solutions. Once you have a foundational knowledge of the solutions AWS provides for game server hosting, you can dive deeper into Amazon GameLift, Amazon GameLift FleetIQ, and game server hosting on Amazon EC2.

New digital courses

To help game developers, we’ve released two new courses. The first, Using Amazon GameLift FleetIQ for Game Servers, is a free, 90-minute course that teaches you how to use Amazon GameLift FleetIQ with game server groups to host game servers on AWS. These game servers can supplement or replace on-premises resources, elastically adjust game hosting capacity to meet player demand, and expand the geographic range of hosting locations. Additionally, they can lower costs by up to 70% when compared to existing on-premises deployments by using low-cost EC2 Spot Instances to host games. You will learn how to use Amazon GameLift FleetIQ with game server groups through workflow expansions, demonstrations, and an exploration of use cases.

The second, Game Server Hosting with Amazon EC2, is a free, 90-minute course that helps you understand the options for deploying and monitoring your game server environment on EC2. You’ll learn how game design influences your game server environment and your specific choice of game servers, with a focus on how EC2 can help.

Behind great games, there’s great tech. Explore all AWS Game Tech courses and explore our AWS Game Tech Ramp-Up Guide today.