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Channy Yun

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Channy Yun is a Principal Developer Advocate for AWS, and passionate about helping developers to build modern applications on latest AWS services. A pragmatic developer and blogger at heart, he loves community-driven learning and sharing of technology, which has funneled developers to global AWS Usergroups. His main topics are open-source, container, storage, network & security, and IoT. Follow him on Twitter at @channyun.

AWS Weekly Roundup – AWS Chips Taste Test、生成 AI に関する最新情報、Community Days など – 2024 年 4 月 1 日

4月1日はエイプリルフールです。約 10 年前、一部のテクノロジー企業は、読者を喜ばせるために、面白いが、実行 […]