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AWS Marketplace Announces the Availability of Seller Private Offers

By Brad Lyman, Principal Product Manager at AWS

AWS Marketplace_borderAWS Marketplace, which has over 4,000 software listings from more than 1,250 popular software vendors across 35 product categories, announced that customers can now receive specific pricing and end-user license terms with Seller Private Offers.

With this feature, software sellers participating in the Enhanced Data Sharing (EDS) program can extend to any AWS account a version of their product, enabling volume discounts through AWS Marketplace. This means AWS customers can enjoy all the same benefits of consolidated billing, cost analysis, and subscription management of AWS Marketplace while paying a lower privately negotiated price visible only to that customer and the seller.

The following information will help you start supporting customer specific pricing and end-user license terms with Seller Private Offers:

Do you sell Amazon Machine Image (AMI) or SaaS products on AWS Marketplace?

If so, you can now offer customers specific offers through AWS Marketplace. As customers make larger commitments, they often request special pricing or end-user license terms. AWS now makes it possible for customers to receive private offers with pre-negotiated pricing and end-user license terms directly through AWS Marketplace. This new feature is available to any AWS Marketplace software seller participating in the EDS program that compensates their sales team for AWS Marketplace sales.

What about APN Partners who want to increase sales through AWS Marketplace?

As a seller, you will be able to use AWS Marketplace to reach more customers. With Seller Private Offers, you can offer custom pricing and end-user license terms on your customers’ existing AWS bill. You’ll be attracting customers who have chosen AWS Marketplace due to the ease of finding, purchasing, and deploying solutions. Customers can quickly review your end-user license agreement, subscribe through AWS Marketplace, and receive a single bill for all their software purchases through AWS Marketplace.

What does the release of Seller Private Offers mean for customers?

Customers get a simple way to receive specific pricing and end-user license terms through AWS Marketplace. This makes it easier to consolidate more of their purchase on their AWS bill and take advantage of consolidated billing, cost analytics, and renewal management. Customers can lower their software costs while buying through AWS Marketplace. They can also receive a specific end-user licensing agreement to cover any required custom terms.

What is the EDS program and how do I enroll?

The AWS Marketplace Enhanced Data Sharing (EDS) program focuses on delivering “enhanced” buyer information, such as buyer email domain, AWS Account ID, and location, on a daily and monthly basis to select AWS Marketplace Sellers. The goal of delivering buyer information is to provide a framework for sellers to compensate their sales teams for AWS Marketplace subscription revenue.

Sharing monthly billed revenue information, usage information, and disbursed funds information by buyer provides a mechanism to help you correctly map deals and opportunities to the appropriate sales representative by company, geography, and AWS Account ID. This program requires that the data only be used to activate and motivate AWS Marketplace Seller field sales via formal sales compensation plans.

For more information regarding the program and how to enroll, contact us here.

How do I get started with Seller Private Offers?

We’ve made it easy for you to deliver private offers to your customers. To extend a private offer on one of your existing AWS Marketplace products, you only need to provide your customer’s account numbers (their payer account and any sub-accounts), the product code you’d like to discount, and the new product price. You can also share an offer duration (how long the price is good for) and a new EULA as a PDF. The AWS Marketplace Customer Business Desk will share the private offer’s URL with you and your customers. The URL is only visible after signing in with the provided account, meaning only your customer can see the price and EULA meant for them. They can then subscribe at any time prior to the offer’s expiration.

How do I learn more?

To learn more about using Seller Private Offers on AWS Marketplace, reach out to your AWS Marketplace Category Manager or the AWS Marketplace Managed Catalog Operations team.