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AWS Offers Step-by-Step Support Through Videos

New videos are helping customers and partners, offering visual support solutions, providing answers anytime

We are always looking into how we can help you find solutions for your business on AWS. Now, our engineers are offering your staff access to self-service videos with written articles posted in our AWS Knowledge Center. No login is required. You can also find the videos on YouTube. You are in control of finding answers when time is critical.

The videos will be produced in partnership with Cloud Support Engineers and Technical Customer Support Agents—both are AWS subject matter experts.

“The engineers in these videos help customers every day with the most common and complex needs,” said Brent Jaye, Vice President, AWS Support. “They have the answers to help, and are passionate about sharing solutions, and working with customers to stay successful.”

The AWS Support team is constantly analyzing needs and finding solutions to improve the customer experience and make them more productive.

“We’re building a robust library of written content available in the AWS Knowledge Center, but some of the concepts and terminology are new for customers and a wall of text can be daunting.  Thinking through how to make things easier for customers and considering what differentiates our support today we wanted to find a way to give customers more access to support engineers,” said Justin Brindley-Koonce, Director of Support Engineering, AWS Support. “Producing high quality videos on common topics gives customers access to our team and knowledge in a medium that we think many customers will be drawn to leverage to help themselves while at the same time allowing our team to showcase their expertise.”

You can find new videos in the AWS Knowledge Center weekly.