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AWS Partner Accreditations: The First Step for Partners Learning About the AWS Cloud

By Megan Diaz, Partner Marketing Manager – AWS

Take the first step in your Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud learning journey with an accreditation from AWS.

Starting from scratch does not have to be hard. You can build skills to collaborate more efficiently within your organization and increase your cloud skills and competency to propel your career forward. This post explores the training path for technical professionals, professionals with a revenue goal, or business professionals supporting IT teams.

More than four out of five learners say AWS Training improved their on-the-job efficiency (84%) and effectiveness (85%), according to a 2022 study commissioned from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) or 1,000 learners from IT operations, application development, and line of businesses like sales, marketing, finance, and product teams. Additionally, the study found 90% of learners report a positive return on investment from AWS Training and 91% from AWS Certification.

What is an AWS Accreditation?

AWS Partner Accreditations are AWS Partner Network (APN) partner-exclusive courses that provide foundational cloud knowledge and skills. Offered directly through AWS in an on-demand or live, instructor-led format, earning an accreditation requires a low time commitment, with a short test given directly afterward. After passing the test, you’ll receive a digital badge from AWS for display on your resume or social media profiles.

Why Earn an Accreditation?

Each accreditation gives you essential knowledge of AWS products and services, best practices, and customer value.

By earning an AWS Partner Accreditation, you:

  • Take your first step with free partner-exclusive, low-risk, and quick training.
  • Validate your AWS knowledge and show colleagues and customers your understanding of core AWS services, billing and pricing models, and security concepts.
  • Develop specialized AWS skills that can propel your career in the cloud.

Follow the AWS Partner Accreditation Path Best Suited for You

Each role in an organization has different needs when it comes to working in the cloud. We’ve provided recommendations to guide you in choosing which accreditation is right for you.

Technical Professionals

Start your career off strong as you validate your AWS skills and knowledge with AWS Training accreditation courses. Begin with the AWS Partner: Accreditation (Technical) followed by the AWS Partner: Cloud Economics Accreditation.


The technical accreditation will teach fundamental, technical knowledge of AWS Cloud computing, global infrastructure, services, solutions, migration, and security. Learn the essential principles of AWS solution architecture design and get an introduction to the basic skills needed to engage customers in a pre-sales AWS technical opportunity.

After you finish the technical accreditation, the cloud economics accreditation will show you the cost savings and business value of migrating to the AWS Cloud, so you can communicate these benefits back to your customers.

Professionals with Revenue Goals

For those with a revenue goal such as sales roles, pre-sales IT roles, and consultants, the AWS Partner: Sales Accreditation (Business) course is the ideal first step on your cloud learning journey, followed by the AWS Partner: Cloud Economics Accreditation.


The sales accreditation will teach you the business value of the AWS Cloud, how to overcome common customer objections, and how to co-sell with AWS.

When you finish the sales accreditation, the cloud economics accreditation will build on your selling knowledge by introducing you to the benefits of migrating customers to the AWS Cloud. This includes cost savings and data center economics in relation to cloud computing. It will also give you the skills to explain why cost savings matter and how customers can lower their costs by migrating workloads to AWS.

Business Professionals who Support IT Teams

For roles that support IT teams, such as talent acquisition, product management, and marketing, the AWS Partner: Accreditation (Technical) course provides you with the fundamental principles of AWS Cloud.

The technical accreditation will enable you to increase your marketable skills and technical understanding to collaborate more efficiently with your IT team peers and teach the fundamental principles of AWS solution architecture design as well. Business professionals that support IT teams may find it helpful to earn AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification on top of the technical accreditation.

Learn AWS by Doing AWS

Go beyond concepts and put your knowledge to the test with our new monthly subscription to AWS Skill Builder. Subscribers get access to new hands-on training types, so if you’re the type of person that needs to do it to know it, this is the learning experience for you.

  • Builder Labs: Dig into a live sandbox environment with step-by-step instructions for common cloud scenarios with 100+ Builder Labs. These self-paced, guided labs allow you to learn about building on AWS without the risk of unanticipated expenses. Each lab covers different topics that let you choose the skills you want to build for your role or career goals.
  • AWS Jam – Security: Solve real-world cloud problems in a live sandbox environment through open-ended questions in our AWS Jam for Security. An AWS Jam contains 10 challenges designed to prepare you for securing applications in the cloud, giving you the confidence that you know how to put theory into practice.
  • Cloud Quest: Visually transform a city landscape while applying AWS technology concepts through Cloud Quest, a patent-pending role-playing game. With four role options—solutions architect, serverless developer, machine learning, and security—available exclusively to subscribers, you can choose the path that most interests you.
  • Exam Preparation: Prepare for your certification with additional resources. Gain access to three AWS Certification Official Practice Exams and three Exam prep courses, available only to subscribers.

Start Your Cloud Learning Journey Today

It’s easy for AWS Partners to increase your fluency, competency, and credibility for building in the cloud. Whether you have just a few hours and need foundational knowledge now, or are ready to dive deep and learn hands on how to build in AWS, AWS Training has an option to meet your need and make it easy to start on your cloud learning journey.

Learn more about AWS Partner Accreditations, and sign up for a monthly subscription.

Make sure to register for AWS Skill Builder with your work email address to receive access to exclusive partner training. Don’t know how to sign up? Watch this short video detailing the steps you need to take to register for your account.

AWS Training Testimonials

“AWS Partner Training and Certification enabled our marketing team to get a complete picture and understanding of the AWS landscape. By knowing the AWS tools inside and out, and how AWS serves different industry domains, we can confidently make recommendations to our customers on everything AWS.” ~ Madhavi Natukula, VP of Marketing, Cloud4C

“I decided to get AWS Certified because, as a technical cloud recruiter, I need to have knowledge about the cloud in order to have effective conversations with candidates and understand where they fit within the larger ecosystem of the organization.” ~ Lindsay Bullock, Talent Acquisition Manager, Slalom

“I personally have more confidence working on AWS. Even just taking that foundational training… was extremely helpful for me.” ~ IT Manager, Technology Company, $1.4B Annual Revenue