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Risk-Based, Fine-Grained Authorization with Transmit Security and Amazon Verified Permissions

Managing and securing account access can feel like navigating a complex landmine of risk. Learn how to take a risk score calculated by Transmit Security and use it as an input to an authorization decision made by Amazon Verified Permissions, which delivers a pre-built system that simplifies policy-based access control and is flexible enough to address the most advanced authorization requirements for custom applications. With granular policies, it’s highly effective for determining who has access to what.


Controlling Access to Amazon API Gateway with CyberArk Identity and Amazon Verified Permissions

SaaS applications and services secure access to their resources by adding logic to make decisions when handling a user request. These decisions can be based on user roles and attributes, request context, and more. In this post, learn how CyberArk Identity works seamlessly as the identity provider with Amazon Verified Permissions. A managed authorization service, Amazon Verified Permissions provides a scalable, fine-grained permissions management and authorization service for custom apps.


Applying Fine-Grained Authorization to Legacy Apps with Strata Identity Orchestration and Amazon Verified Permissions

Achieving a zero-trust architecture is a top priority for many organizations, and a big part is externalizing authorization to ensure least privilege access for all applications. Amazon Verified Permissions is a fine-grained authorization service for developers building custom applications. Learn how Strata Identity’s Maverics Identity Orchestration platform allows you to simplify cloud migration and modernization projects by augmenting your datasets to ensure comprehensive policy enforcement.