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How Does Premier APN Partner BlazeClan Help Customers Innovate on AWS?

BlazeClan is a born-in-the-cloud consulting company who provides customers around the globe with advisory, cloud migration, Big Data and analytics, product development, and cloud managed services. The company is dedicated to helping customers embrace agility and automation to transform their businesses on the cloud. Headquartered in India, BlazeClan also has a strong presence in ASEAN, Europe, and North America.

BlazeClan’s journey on AWS began as a startup in India in 2011. “We became a customer of AWS when we started our organization,” says Varoon Rajani, Co-Founder & CEO, BlazeClan. As a startup, the BlazeClan team found great benefit in not having to invest in infrastructure, and being able to move quickly on AWS. The team became deeply versed in product development on AWS, and identified an opportunity to help other companies with similar use cases. “When we started out, AWS was a real differentiator for us, both because of the cost-effectiveness of the platform and the speed to market building on AWS afforded us. We built a deep understanding of how AWS worked and helped us. And over time, we started helping some of our friends in the startup space migrate to AWS. It was a time when the startup market in India was growing quickly, and whenever we discussed our use case on AWS, we saw a lot of similar need across startups,” explains Rajani. “We thought, ‘if we’re facing certain challenges and are able to address those using AWS, then there are likely tens of thousands of companies around the world who could benefit from AWS, and we could help them.’”