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Powering IoT Innovation on AWS – Bsquare, Eseye, and ThingLogix Highlights, June 2017

Introduction by Terry Wise, Global Vice President, Channels & Alliances at AWS

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way companies collect, store, analyze, and take action from data through connected devices. AWS has built IoT specific services, such as AWS IoT and AWS Greengrass to help you simply and securely connect your devices to the cloud and allow you to act on the data (either in the cloud, on the connected device, or both) and provide the ability to manage your devices so you can focus on developing applications that fit your needs. To accelerate your IoT design, development, and deployment, we work with a robust APN Technology and Consulting Partner ecosystem that provides services and solutions which complement AWS services and help customers further take advantage of AWS for IoT.

Today, I’d like to discuss three of our AWS IoT Competency Partners: Bsquare, Eseye, and ThingLogix.

Bsquare, an AWS IoT Competency Partner

AWS Powered Applications to Improve Industrial Asset Uptime

What specific business outcomes are you looking to achieve through your industrial operations? And how can you improve your existing business processes and outcomes by harnessing the power of IoT? Bsquare, an Advanced Technology Partner and AWS IoT Competency Partner, aims to help you move your business forward and take it to new heights through the company’s DataV™ applications. How? Simply put, DataV applications are meant to help you optimize business processes through data-driven insights made possible by making your physical assets intelligent and well connected. Does that sound up your alley? Let’s learn more.

“Bsquare’s DataV applications create business-focused IoT systems deployable in concert with AWS,” explains Dave Wagstaff, Bsquare Chief Technology Officer. “DataV helps businesses extract value from physical assets by using data to drive superior business outcomes. With it, businesses can connect remote devices, monitor data streams, automate corrective processes, predict adverse conditions before they occur, and, ultimately, optimize the performance of critical business assets and processes.” Bsquare has helped numerous industrial companies around the world, including Kenworth and Peterbilt (find a number of additional case studies here). DataV is optimized for deployment on the AWS Cloud and utilizes a broad range of AWS services that can include IoT Services (such as AWS IoT and Greengrass), Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, Amazon Machine Learning, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Redshift, and additional services as customer solutions may require. “Utilizing AWS allows Bsquare to leverage the power, security and scalability of both core infrastructure as well as industry leading services groups such as IoT, Analytics and AI,” says Wagstaff. “By integrating DataV with AWS, Bsquare is able to focus on developing differentiated IoT applications and not worry about the heavy lifting associated with infrastructure and core services.”

Are you ready to give Bsquare a try? Reach out to the Bsquare team, and they can help you start with a Proof of Concept or Application Pilot (which is often done with your existing data) to quickly validate outcomes and ROI with a solution utilizing AWS services and DataV applications. While Bsquare also offers SI services, the company engages with a wide range of Technology and Consulting partners who are actively working with customers who can benefit from a DataV solution. “Because DataV typically fits within a larger, enterprise wide solution, Bsquare works closely with partners, including ISVs, SIs and Consultants, to deliver an integrated solution,” says Geoff Goetz, Bsquare Senior Director of Alliances.

Learn more about Bsquare by checking out a recent webinar, co-hosted with AWS, here. You can find industry-specific use case information here.


Eseye, an AWS IoT Competency Partner

Technology for Connectivity

Are you looking for a simplified way to securely connect and quickly scale your IoT device deployments globally? Eseye, with its goal to secure IoT from manufacturing to deployment and throughout the device lifecycle, is here to help. “Eseye’s day-by-day mission is to support our customers’ business growth by delivering managed global IoT device cellular connectivity: we aim to offer the most comprehensive and supported way businesses can deploy and scale cellular IoT today,” explains Damian McCabe, Eseye’s GM, Americas. So what is the Eseye solution, exactly? “The Eseye AnyNet Secure SIM is an enhanced and robust global roaming cellular connectivity solution, exclusively for IoT machines. AnyNet Secure SIM provides AWS IoT customers with enhanced security and connectivity features that enables IoT devices across the globe to remotely, automatically and securely activate, provision, authenticate and certify ‘things’, over-the-air, and to then ingest data into AWS customers’ clouds. Eseye leverages what is known as a ‘multi-IMSI’ SIM. In effect, it’s the same as having lots of SIMs from different Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) from all over the world, all on the one card and backed up with 24/7/365 specialist IoT support,” says McCabe. “We feel this makes life much easier for IoT customers who need scale quickly to feed business and sometimes life-critical data into their AWS Cloud deployments. Remember, customers will be managing anywhere from ten to ten thousand-plus fixed and moving IoT devices, spanning vast geographical regions and multiple MNO territories and we try to make that simple with a one SIM, one monthly bill solution.” Eseye works with over 800 customers across the globe, including eWATER (read the recent AWS case study on eWATER featuring Eseye here!).

Eseye began working with AWS in 2016, quickly becoming an Advanced Technology Partner and AWS IoT Competency Partner. The AnyNet Secure connectivity solution fully integrates with the AWS IoT Management Console, with all data securely ingesting into the user’s AWS cloud storage. “We were a trailblazer in IoT and are passionate about the business and societal benefits rapidly scalable, more secure cellular M2M services bring for our customers, and in turn their customers,” explains McCabe. “Amongst the main benefits, therefore, of integrating with AWS are that the right solution gets to a wider marketplace rapidly. The AWS team have also been formidable to work with. There has been a real meeting of minds and ambition throughout this project!”

Care to “connect” with Eseye? You can request a free, one month trial of the Eseye AnyNet Secure SIM here. Are you an APN Partner looking to help customers deploy and scale cellular IoT solutions today? Eseye brings specialist IoT expertise to each project in which the company is engaged, and work with a number of partners. “If it’s IoT and cellular, then we can help,” says McCabe. Learn more about becoming a partner here.

Learn more about Eseye here. And don’t miss your opportunity to learn more from Eseye CTO Ian Marsden about how Eseye built AnyNet Secure for AWS IoT on This Is My Architecture!


ThingLogix, an AWS IoT Competency Partner

Technology for Platform Providers

Are you hoping to take advantage of IoT to create new sources of value for your business and your end customers, but you’re not quite sure of the specific role IoT can play in driving business growth or even know where to begin? Enter ThingLogix, an Advanced APN Technology Partner and AWS IoT Competency Partner. ThingLogix is all about helping you accelerate your IoT adoption by helping you rapidly develop IoT solutions and supporting the full-lifecycle operation of these solutions.

“We help companies understand how IoT technologies can create new sources of growth and profit, and then we transform those technologies and business model concepts into differentiated, value-added IoT solutions,” says Carl Krupitzer, CEO of ThingLogix. Self-proclaimed cloud-first believers, the team at ThingLogix has built Foundry, a 100% cloud-based, full application stack for IoT. Foundry is a proprietary cloud platform, and Foundry Packages are component applications that can help customers across a wide range of industries and use cases create, deploy, manage, and evolve connected solutions. ThingLogix customers include Beacon Technical Systems, Sealed Air, Sennco, and Jarden Consumer Solutions (find more case studies here).

Architected using AWS best practices, Foundry and Foundry Packages integrate with a number of widely adopted enterprise solutions, including Salesforce, ServiceMax, and ThingWorx. ThingLogix chose to architect its solutions on AWS because of the enterprise-readiness of AWS infrastructure and services and the market leadership that AWS has demonstrated, both in terms of groundbreaking technology innovation and strong customer adoption. “We believe that companies generate much more value for themselves by focusing on the market-facing aspects of IoT solutions and IoT-enabled business models, rather than on the technical underpinnings of the solution and solution architecture. We saw a unique opportunity on AWS to help customers focus on the business value they can drive with IoT,” says Rob Rastovich, CTO of ThingLogix. ”To be attractive to end customers and sustainable in the market, an IoT solution must be enterprise-grade: high-performance, reliable, scalable, extensible, and secure. AWS offers all of these attributes, making it easier for our cloud platform to offer these attributes as well,” adds John Mack, CMO of ThingLogix. “Additionally, with AWS having become the industry standard for cloud infrastructure and services, our prospective customers are already using AWS is most cases.” In addition to utilizing core AWS services for IoT (AWS IoT, Greengrass, and the Enterprise IoT Button program), the company uses a number of AWS products to deliver functionality for market-facing IoT solutions, including AWS Lambda, API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Kinesis (Analytics, Firehose, and Streams), Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Machine Learning, and Amazon Quicksight.

How can you get started with ThingLogix? It’s easy! ThingLogix Foundry is available on AWS Marketplace. And if you’re a Consulting Partner looking for ways to help your customers bring IoT solutions to market rapidly, ThingLogix can help. “When an AWS Consulting Partner uses ThingLogix technologies to develop and deliver market-facing IoT solutions for its clients, it creates the basis for a long-term professional services engagement, as an initial IoT solution can serve as a proof-of-concept for multiple subsequent solutions,” says Carl Krupitzer. If you’re interesting in working with ThingLogix, get in touch with the team here.

Learn more about ThingLogix here.

Want to learn more about the benefits of building IoT solutions on AWS? Visit our website. And find all of our AWS IoT Competency Partners here.