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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

GigaSpaces XAP – Now on Amazon EC2

The GigaSpaces XAP (eXtreme Application Platform) is now available as an Amazon EC2 AMI (Amazon Machine Image). At the core, XAP implements a scalable, in-memory database which can be used as a data grid, a messaging grid, or as a parallel processing framework. XAP makes it easy to scale the entire middleware layer (data, messaging, […]

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JBoss Releases on Amazon EC2

By now many of you are aware that Red Hat Enterprise Linux is fully supported by Red Hat on Amazon EC2. You can read more about the offering at Jeff Barr blogged about this in November, 2007 ( Im posting this from Boston, where I am attending the Red Hat Global Summit — more […]

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Splunk Ninja & Processing Distributed Logs

Early this morning, Ilya Grigorik, founder of AideRSS, sent me a short note via Twitter to tell me about his latest blog post. In the post, he described his use of a single instance of Splunk to process application log files from several dozen Amazon EC2 instances. He also included a bit of Ruby code […]

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Trip Report: Around the World

Last week I came back from my India and Japan trip – one of my best trips till date. It was a complete round trip around the globe – I traveled from Seattle to Mumbai (via Atlantic Ocean), traveled within India (Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata), continued to Sapporo and Tokyo in Japan (via Indian Ocean) […]

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Zooming in on Innovation

Innovation is what the industry is all about, and I am always amazed at the creative people I meet. Last November I spoke to Amazon Camp in Toronto, and after the presentation one developer stuck around for a few minutes. Id like to show you a site that I built. He proceeded to show me […]

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Cloud Camp, and More

Are you looking for an opportunity to really drill down thru the hype, and learn what Cloud Computing is all about? There are a variety of “Cloud Computing” camps, conferences, and panel discussions. This post summarizes relevant events that that I am aware of; there are probably more that I have not heard about. If […]

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