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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

AWS Chat in Second Life, Thursday at 10 AM

Now that the summer is over, the weekly (as my schedule permits) Second Life chats are back. The next one will take place on Thursday September 6th at 10 AM. I will do my best to conduct the chats every Thursday and I hope to meet and converse with you there. We talk about EC2, […]

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Coming to Minneapolis and Eau Claire

A reminder that if you’re in the Twin Cities or Northwest Wisconsin, I’ll be visiting for two user group presentations. On Wednesday, September 5th, I’ll be visiting the Twin Cities Linux Users Group. (, which meets in Minneapolis on the University of Minnesota campus. On Thursday evening, September 6th, I’ll travel to Eau Claire, and […]

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Latest Amazon ECS Release

Today Amazon released a minor update to Amazon E-Commerce Service, also known as Amazon ECS. The official version number for this release is 2007-08-27. Overview of Changes This release introduces the Baby search index in the DE locale This release introduces the CustomerContentLookup operation in the DE, FR, JP, and UK locales This release introduces […]

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Cool Real Estate Application Using Amazon S3

The other day I blogged that we’re looking for applications that use Amazon Web Services, and that were developed on the other side of the Atlantic… Had some interesting replies; and want to tell you about one of them. Metropix is based in England, and is the leading supplier of floor plans to the UK […]

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Serving KML, KMZ files from Amazon S3

Map-based Mashups are not new. Overlaying your data on maps are also not new. But serving your Google Earth’s Keyhole Markup Language (KML) and its zipped (KMZ) files right off from Amazon S3 is new and innovative. Few months ago, I blogged about Microsoft’s MapCruncher tool that generates requisite tiles/files of your map mashed with […]

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Calling Web 2.0 Developers in the EU!

Are you in the UK or Europe and using Amazon Web Services? If so, we’d love to hear from you about your use of AWS. We’re trying to establish a list that shows the variety of interesting uses in that area of the world. Please email us at evangelists at amazon dot com if you […]

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\The Start-up Project\ – Don’t miss it!

Following the success of “The Start-up Project” in Seattle, WA few months ago, Amazon Web Services decided to come to the city near you.  The Start-Up Project is half-day AWS-exclusive event geared towards start-up firms. Amazon Web Services will be holding several of these events in different “hot spots” around the country starting with Silicon […]

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It’s Not Always About Money

Watching adoption of Amazon Web Services is always fun; however once in a while a use comes along that wouldn’t have occurred to me. Not too long ago someone posted a meeting request in our wiki, requesting a meeting in Boulder, CO. These meetings are almost always worthwhile, and because they are community driven they […]

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More Choices – All backed by Amazon S3

It is always great to have more choices: DigitalBucket – Your Windows Explorer On the Web DigitalBucket is now Live – really cool windows-explorer-style online file management, sharing and publishing backed by Amazon S3. Users can sign up for an account with 1GB storage and 3GB bandwidth for free. Greg Hacobian, one of the developers, […]

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