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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

AWS Directory Service Update – Support for Managed Microsoft Active Directory

The AWS Directory Service allows you to use your existing corporate identities to access AWS services and to simplify cloud-based deployment of Microsoft Windows and Linux applications that are dependent on the availability of a directory. We launched the service last year with support for two types of directories (AD Connector and Simple AD); see […]

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AWS Webinars for December 2015

Every month, we set up a series of webinars that are designed to bring you up to speed on the latest AWS services & features, and to make sure that you are aware of the best ways to put them to use. The webinars are conducted by senior AWS Product Managers and Solution Architects and […]

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AWS Week in Review – November 23, 2015

Let’s take a quick look at what happened in AWS-land last week: Monday November 23 We announced that EC2 Dedicated Hosts Are Now Available. The talked about Building IoT Solutions with AWS and Intel. The CloudCheckr Blog talked about Unused and Idle Resources in AWS. The N2WS Blog showed you How to Verify That Your […]

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AWS Certification Update – ISO 27017

I am happy to announce that AWS has achieved ISO 27017 certification. This new criteria builds upon the ISO 27002 standard, with additional controls specifically applicable to cloud service providers. AWS is the first cloud provider to obtain this certification, which is available now for download on our compliance site. Additionally, we’ve posted a Frequently […]

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New AWS Quick Start – Sitecore

Sitecore is a popular enterprise content management system that also includes a multi-channel marketing automation component with an architecture that is a great fit for the AWS cloud! It allows marketers to deliver a personalized experience that takes into account the customers’ prior interaction with the site and the brand (they call this feature Context […]

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Now Available – EC2 Dedicated Hosts

Last month, I announced that we would soon be making EC2 Dedicated Hosts available. As I wrote at the time, this model allows you to control the mapping of EC2 instances to the underlying physical servers. Dedicated Hosts allow you to: Bring Your Own Licenses – You can bring your existing server-based licenses for Windows Server, […]

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AWS Week in Review – November 16, 2015

Let’s take a quick look at what happened in AWS-land last week: Monday November 16 The announced that the AWS Security Token Service (STS) Is Now Active by Default in All AWS Regions. Eric Hammond talked about Using AWS CodeCommit with Git Repositories in Multiple AWS Accounts. The Cloudyn Blog analyzed EC2 Price Drops over […]

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