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Tag Your Elastic Load Balancers

Elastic Load Balancing helps you to build applications that are resilient and easy to scale. You can create both public-facing and internal load balancers in the AWS Management Console with a couple of clicks. Today we are launching a helpful new feature for Elastic Load Balancing. You can now add up to ten tags (name/value […]

AWS CloudTrail Update – Seven New Services & Support From CloudCheckr

AWS CloudTrail records the API calls made in your AWS account and publishes the resulting log files to an Amazon S3 bucket in JSON format, with optional notification to an Amazon SNS topic each time a file is published. Our customers use the log files generated CloudTrail in many different ways. Popular use cases include […]

ELB Connection Draining – Remove Instances From Service With Care

AWS Elastic Load Balancing distributes incoming traffic across multiple Amazon EC2 instances: You can use Elastic Load Balancing on its own, or in conjunction with Auto Scaling. When combined, the two features allow you to create a system that automatically adds and removes EC2 instances in response to changing load: In either case, the Elastic […]

Access Logs for Elastic Load Balancers

Update (July 20, 2017) – Fixed the Hive commands and removed a reference to a tutorial that no longer exists. AWS Elastic Load Balancing helps you to build systems that are highly scalable and highly reliable. You can automatically distribute traffic across a dynamically-sized collection of Amazon EC2 instances, and you have the ability to […]