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Run Amazon Elastic MapReduce on EC2 Spot Instances

We’ve combined two popular Amazon EC2 features Spot Instances and Elastic MapReduce to allow you to launch managed Hadoop clusters using unused EC2 capacity. You will be able to run long-running jobs, cost-driven workloads, data-critical workloads, and application testing at a discount that has historically ranged between 50% and 66%. WhatThe EC2 instances used to […]

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IAM: AWS Identity and Access Management – Now Generally Available

Our customers use AWS in many creative and innovative ways, continuously introducing new use cases and driving us to solve unexpected and complex problems. We are constantly improving our capabilities to make sure that we support a very wide variety of use cases and access patterns. In particular, we want to make sure that developers […]

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Amazon Elastic MapReduce – Now Even Stretchier!

Our customers have used Amazon Elastic MapReduce to process very large-scale data sets using an array of Amazon EC2 instances. One such customer, Seattle’s Razorfish, was able to side-step the need for a capital investment of over $500K while also speeding up their daily processing cycle (read more in our Razorfish case study). Our implementation […]

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Cloud MapReduce from Accenture

Accenture is a Global Solution Provider for AWS. As part of their plan to help their clients extend their IT provisioning capabilities into the cloud, they offer a complete Cloud Computing Suite including the Accenture Cloud Computing Accelerator, the Cloud Computing Assessment Tool, the Cloud Computing Data Processing Solution, and the Accenture Web Scaler. Huan […]

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Fotopedia and AWS

Hi there, this is Simone Brunozzi, Technology Evangelist for AWS in Europe. I’ll steal the keyboard from Jeff Barr for a few minutes to share something really interesting with you: in fact, It is always fascinating to see how our customers are using the Amazon Web Services to power their businesses. Olivier Gutknecht, Director of […]

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