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AWS Links – Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A whole lot of interesting AWS items have landed in my inbox in the 20 days since my last links post. Here’s what I have queued up: Chris Richardson wrote to tell me that there are still a few seats available in his upcoming half-day class, Running Java and Grails applications on Amazon EC2. The […]

AWS Links – Wednesday, December 23, 2008

Lots of people responded to the link post that I put together last week. In fact, between the “what about me” emails and the responses to a Tweet that I made earlier today, I now have a plethora of good material. So, here we go again! Information Week has named Amazon CTO Werner Vogels as […]

Twilio – Telephony in the Cloud

Twilio founder Jeff Lawson stopped by Amazon headquarters yesterday for a show and tell session. Twilio provides a simple yet powerful way to build highly scalable telephony applications. Of course, Twilio itself runs on Amazon EC2 and stores data in Amazon S3. A Twilio application is simply a phone-activated web application. When the application’s phone […]

VholdR in Action

Earlier this year I blogged about the VholdR, a wearable camera combined with a video sharing system. VholdR is designed for people who participate in action sports such as mountain biking, snowboarding, or skiing. As noted previously, the hardware component is a small and rugged video camera suitable for use in extreme conditions — ski […]

US National Voter Guide for Election ’08

The EC2-powered Voter Guide is a very powerful and helpful site, as well as a handy illustration of why scalable cloud computing is the perfect solution for short-term sites which have the potential to draw a lot of traffic. Designed by E-thepeople and produced in conjunction with over 100 local newspapers and TV stations, the […]

New and Cool – VPN-Cubed & Glue

Two of my friends, coincidentally named Alexis and Alex, emailed me yesterday with information about their latest and greatest AWS-powered products. Alexis works for CohesiveFT. Their new product, VPN-Cubed, creates encrypted, private VPN (Virtual  Private Network) connections between endpoints in a single cloud, between multiple clouds, and between the cloud and a physical data center. […]

Links from London

I am in London for a couple of conferences and meetings. I arrived this past Sunday and have just about shaken off the jet lag. I have a whole bunch of interesting stuff in my inbox and some time to blog, so here goes. First, we’ve extended the deadline for entering the AWS Start-Up Challenge […]

Friday Fun Fest – A Plethora of Interesting AWS Stuff

It is time for one of my inbox-clearing blog posts once again. Here’s a bunch of cool stuff that you might like: Benjamin Kudria just wrapped up an internship at the New York Times. He wrote a detailed recap of his experience and noted that he had the opportunity to use Amazon EC2 and S3. […]