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AWS Announces ISV self-service authorization of Consulting Partner resellers

AWS Marketplace now enables Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to use the self-service AWS Marketplace Management Portal to authorize their preferred consulting partners to resell their software. This launch enables ISVs and consulting partners to work together more efficiently to create a Consulting Partner Private Offer (CPPO). A CPPO allows customers to purchase software solutions in AWS Marketplace directly from consulting partners. This launch enables ISVs and consulting partners to streamline their operations and accelerate deal delivery to their customers.

Previously, ISVs had to fill out and sign a Consulting Partner Reseller Authorization Form and email it to the AWS Marketplace operations team, who would review the form and create the authorization.

Now, ISVs can authorize consulting partners directly from the self-service AWS Marketplace Management Portal. By enabling the authorization workflow as self-service, AWS Marketplace helps ISVs quickly grant permission to their selected consulting partners. ISVs can search for consulting partners by name to eliminate time spent tracking down details, such as the partner’s AWS account ID. This self-service functionality enables ISVs to manage discounts for consulting partners. ISVs can also manage which products are authorized and the time frame of the authorization. ISVs can manage existing authorizations and take bulk action to update multiple consulting partners at once.

If you are a buyer, check out this blog post to learn more about how to subscribe to AWS Marketplace Private Offers.

If you are an ISV, keep reading for guidance on how to authorize a consulting partner.

Opportunities: what are they?

Opportunity is the term used to describe ISVs authorizing consulting partners to resell a product. When a consulting partner is granted an opportunity, they are then able to create a CPPO for a buyer. With this launch, we are expanding the functionality of an opportunity to include initial authorization of resellers. This authorization can be used for one-time offers or for perpetual discounts that the consulting partner can use over and over.

How to create a resell opportunity in AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace CPPOs enable buyers and consulting partners to negotiate custom prices, payment schedules, and end user licensing agreement (EULA) terms for software purchases.

To enable the resale of software, you first need to authorize a consulting partner through the creation of a resell opportunity. To start, in the AWS Marketplace Management Portal, navigate to the Partners tab.

  1. To create a new opportunity, in the top right, choose Create opportunity.
  2. Enter a custom opportunity name and description for easier tracking both in the user interface and seller. I entered ExampleOpportunity for the name and Example of a time duration opportunity for the description.
  3. Choose the radio button for the duration of the opportunity. I selected Specific time duration rather than Single Use or No set time duration.
  4. From the searchable drop-down menu, identify the consulting partners you would like to authorize. I selected AWS Channel CP.
  5. Uner Discounts & Products, select the discount you want to offer and the products you want to authorize. Select the wholesale price you wish to offer the consulting partners. For Discount Type, I chose Percentage Discount, and for Percentage Discount, I entered 20. For product, I selected NodeJS Integ by Channel (SaaS Contract).
  6. Optionally, specify the AWS buyer ID to target. I left this blank.
  7. At the bottom of the page, choose Review opportunity.

Refer to the following screenshot to see my example opportunity.

review your opportunity inputs before proceeding to review

Review your inputs. To authorize the specified consulting partners, at the bottom of the page, choose Create opportunity.

Now that you have completed your opportunity, this consulting partner can generate a CPPO in their AWS Marketplace Management Portal Offers tab. The following screenshot shows my example opportunity as a consulting partner would see it, with the name, description, time length, end date, resellers, products, discount type and amount.

CPPO finalize opportunity

How to view your created opportunities

Once you create your opportunity, you will be redirected to the Opportunity table view, where your new opportunity will appear. To help identify a specific opportunity, you can use the custom Opportunity name column in the table. To review the specific details of the opportunity, choose the radio button next to it and then choose View details. To remove the authorization provided by the specific opportunity, choose the radio button next to it and then choose Deactivate. Note that deactivating an opportunity does not affect existing CPPOs.

You may have multiple active opportunities for the same consulting partner at the same time. Consulting partners may then choose which opportunity to use to create a CPPO. Once created, buyers can view and accept the CPPO.


How do I get started?

Registered AWS Marketplace ISVs with a public product listing can create resale opportunities today in the AWS Marketplace Management Portal.

To learn more about how to become a registered AWS Marketplace ISV or consulting partner, check out the AWS Marketplace Seller Guide.