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How to subscribe to AWS Marketplace Seller Private Offers


AWS Marketplace Seller Private Offers is a purchasing program. It enables customers and third-party sellers in AWS Marketplace to negotiate custom prices, payment schedules, and end user licensing agreement (EULA) terms for software purchases.

In this blog post, I show how you as a customer subscribe to a Seller Private Offer in AWS Marketplace. I cover the following product types in this post: SaaS Contract, SaaS Subscription, AMI Hourly/Annual, and AMI Contracts.

Accessing your Seller Private Offers

You can access your Private Offers in two ways:

  1. When a seller makes you a Private Offer, you receive a Seller Private Offers link and instructions directly from the seller or the AWS Marketplace customer desk via email. Select the offer link to get to the fulfillment page.
  2. If your account is one the seller has specified for the Private Offer, you can subscribe directly from the product detail page. To do this, do the following:
    1. Go to AWS Marketplace.
    2. Sign in to your AWS account. This must be the account you specified with the third-party seller to create your offer. After you have successfully logged in, you are redirected to the AWS Marketplace home page.
    3. At the top of the page, enter the product name into the search bar. Select the magnifying glass icon to the right of the search box to search.
    4. Select the product you are searching for from the list of search results. Scroll down to the Product Overview section and review the fulfillment or delivery method. SaaS products appear as a fulfillment method, while Amazon Machine Image (AMI) products appear as a delivery method.
    5. At the upper right of the page, select Continue to Subscribe. The next screen you see varies on the fulfillment or delivery method of the product you are purchasing.

Reviewing and confirming AMI and SaaS subscription Seller Private Offers

Private Offers for AMI and SaaS subscriptions give you custom pricing for pay-as-you-go billing. To review and confirm your Private Offers:

  1. Locate the desired Private Offer. Private Offers are indicated on the subscription page with a green Private Offer flag just under the Terms and Conditions
  2. Review the terms of the Private Offer. In the upper right-hand corner, select Accept Terms. This confirms your subscription and enables you to receive the corresponding entitlements.
  3. Review the confirmation.

Reviewing and confirming your AMI annual subscription Private Offer

To review and confirm you Private Offer for an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) annual product:

  1. Review the details of your Private Offer.
  2. Select the Accept Terms button.
  3. Following Save money by purchasing an annual subscription, select the radio button next to View options.
  4. To purchase additional licenses for offers without a flexible payment schedule, select Add Another License.
  5. Select your desired instance type, and then enter the desired number of subscriptions.
  6. Select Add and then Purchase.
  7. When finished, select Pay Now.

Reviewing and confirming your AMI contracts without Flexible Payment Scheduler

To review and confirm your AMI contracts without Flexible Payment Scheduler:

  1. Select Accept Terms.
  2. Select your desired instance type using the drop-down menu following Instance Type.
  3. In the How Many Licenses(s) box, enter the number of licenses you want. At this stage, you may also purchase licenses for additional instance types.
  4. Once you’ve added all your desired instances, select Create Contract. A confirmation screen similar to the following screenshot will appear. Review the specifications and select the blue Confirm button in the lower right.

  1. Your contract for your software has completed successfully. Select Continue to Configuration.

Reviewing and confirming your AMI contracts with Flexible Payment Scheduler

For AMI contracts with Flexible Payment Scheduler, do the following:

  1. Review the private offer details, including the flexible payment schedule. When ready, select Accept Terms to proceed to the next screen. Your acceptance will show as pending.
  2. To the right of the details box, select the yellow Accept Contract button.
  3. Review the details listed in the confirmation window. When ready, select the blue Confirm button in the lower right.
  4. Your contract for your software has completed successfully. Select Continue to Configuration.

Reviewing and confirming your SaaS contracts Seller Private Offers

For SaaS contracts, you either commit to an upfront payment or pay in installments with a flexible payment schedule.

  1. Review the details of the Private Offer and payment schedule (if applicable). Select or confirm your desired units and contract duration. When ready, choose the orange Create Contract This takes you to a confirmation page.
  2. On the confirmation page, select the orange Pay Now button in the lower right corner

To complete the registration directly on the seller’s website, select the orange Setup your account button at the bottom of the page.

Viewing subscription details, billing, and invoicing

You can access and review all your AWS Marketplace purchases by visiting Your Marketplace Software. To access this, you must be logged in to your AWS account. Navigate to AWS Marketplace. In the upper right corner, select your logged-in identity. From the drop-down menu, select Your Marketplace Software. This redirects you to the AWS Marketplace Console, as shown in the following screenshot.

Billing and invoicing for your Seller Private Offers purchases populate in the same format as all your other purchases from AWS Marketplace. You receive AWS invoices monthly for usage charges and recurring fees. For one-time fees, such as the upfront fee for an AMI annual without a flexible payment schedule, you are charged immediately. At any time, you can view estimated charges for the current month and final charges for previous months.

To open the Billing & Cost Management Dashboard, first sign in to the AWS Management Console. Then open the Billing and Cost Management console at>, as shown in the following screenshot.<


In this post, I showed how to subscribe to private offers of various product types, including SaaS Contracts, SaaS Metered, AMI Hourly/Annual and AMI Contracts. I also showed where you can view and manage your subscriptions and how to navigate to your billing console to access your billing and invoices.

Next steps

For more information on the Seller Private Offers program, visit and bookmark the AWS Marketplace User Guide for Subscribers.

Custom terms and pricing in AWS Marketplace feature page

Webinar: Introduction to Seller Private Offers

If you have more questions or are in need of support, email the AWS Marketplace Customer Desk.

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