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Predict Billboard Top 10 Hits Using RStudio, H2O and Amazon Athena

In this walkthrough, you leverage, Amazon Athena, and RStudio to make predictions on whether a song might make it to the Top 10 Billboard charts. You explore the GLM, GBM, and deep learning modeling techniques using H2O’s rapid, distributed and easy-to-use open source parallel processing engine.

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Running R on Amazon Athena

This blog post has been translated into Japanese. Data scientists are often concerned about managing the infrastructure behind big data platforms while running SQL on R. Amazon Athena is an interactive query service that works directly with data stored in S3 and makes it easy to analyze data using standard SQL without the need to […]

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Exploring Geospatial Intelligence using SparkR on Amazon EMR

Gopal Wunnava is a Senior Consultant with AWS Professional Services The number of data sources that use location, such as smartphones and sensory devices used in IoT (Internet of things), is expanding rapidly. This explosion has increased demand for analyzing spatial data. Geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) allows you to analyze data that has geographical or spatial […]

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Applying Machine Learning to Text Mining with Amazon S3 and RapidMiner

Gopal Wunnava is a Senior Consultant with AWS Professional Services By some estimates, 80% of an organization’s data is unstructured content. This content includes web pages, call center transcripts, surveys, feedback forms, legal documents, forums, social media, and blog articles. Therefore, organizations must analyze not just transactional information but also textual content to gain insight […]

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