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Visualize Big Data with Amazon QuickSight, Presto, and Apache Spark on Amazon EMR

Last December, we introduced the Amazon Athena connector in Amazon QuickSight, in the Derive Insights from IoT in Minutes using AWS IoT, Amazon Kinesis Firehose, Amazon Athena, and Amazon QuickSight post. The connector allows you to visualize your big data easily in Amazon S3 using Athena’s interactive query engine in a serverless fashion. This turned […]

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How SmartNews Built a Lambda Architecture on AWS to Analyze Customer Behavior and Recommend Content

This is a guest post by Takumi Sakamoto, a software engineer at SmartNews. SmartNews in their own words: “SmartNews is a machine learning-based news discovery app that delivers the very best stories on the Web for more than 18 million users worldwide.” Data processing is one of the key technologies for SmartNews. Every team’s workload […]

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Analyze Data with Presto and Airpal on Amazon EMR

Songzhi Liu is a Professional Services Consultant with AWS You can now launch Presto version 0.119 on Amazon EMR, allowing you to easily spin up a managed EMR cluster with the Presto query engine and run interactive analysis on data stored in Amazon S3. You can integrate with Spot instances, publish logs to an S3 […]

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Presto-Amazon Kinesis Connector for Interactively Querying Streaming Data

This is a guest post by Sivaramakrishnan Narayanan, Member of Technical Staff at Qubole, and Xing Quan, Director of Product Management at Qubole. Qubole is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner. Amazon Kinesis is a scalable and fully managed service for streaming large, distributed data sets. As applications (particularly on mobile and wearable devices) start to […]

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