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Amazon Q in QuickSight brings new user roles and pricing to Amazon QuickSight Enterprise Edition

We are excited to announce that Amazon Q in QuickSight is now generally available. This release provides all Amazon QuickSight Enterprise Edition users access to powerful generative business intelligence (BI) capabilities. QuickSight Reader and Author users can now access data Q&A capabilities that previously required accounts to add the QuickSight Q add-on. New Reader Pro and Author Pro roles provide additional new advanced Generative BI capabilities. Reader Pro users get all existing Reader capabilities plus the ability to generate compelling stories explaining data using natural language prompts and the ability to generate instant natural language executive summaries of dashboards to discover key changes. Author Pro users get all Reader Pro benefits as well as a new dashboard authoring experience using Amazon Q to quickly build and refine visuals, and build complex calculations with ease using natural language. Author Pros also have the ability to create Q Topics to enable the Q&A experience on specific data. Both Reader Pro and Author Pro user roles also include an entitlement to Amazon Q Business, your generative AI assistant at work.

In this post, we discuss the user roles, pricing, and capabilities.

Generative BI overview

The following video discusses Generative BI capabilities at a glance:

Compare user roles

The following table summarizes the user roles and their capabilities.

Role Task


Reader Pro Author

Author Pro

Business User Consume data stories, dashboards, and reports

Ask questions of data with Amazon Q

Create data stories with Amazon Q

Create executive dashboard summaries with Amazon Q

Analyst Connect to data sources, prepare data, and analyze data
Create and share dashboards and reports

Create and share reusable datasets for analysis

Build dashboards with Amazon Q

Build and share Q Topics
Administrator Manage users, billing and services

All Amazon Q Business Pro user entitlement

To learn more about the new Generative BI capabilities available as part of Amazon Q in QuickSight, see Amazon Q is now generally available in Amazon QuickSight, bringing Generative BI capabilities to the entire organization.

User pricing

At AWS re:Invent 2023, we announced the pricing for the new Pro use roles. Author Pro roles are priced at $50 per user per month, and Reader Pro roles are priced at $20 per user per month. There is also an Admin Pro role available within QuickSight Enterprise Edition. The Admin Pro role enables you to have full generative BI capabilities plus permissions to manage and administer the QuickSight account. Admin Pro user roles are billed as Author Pro user roles and don’t appear as independent line items in the bill. Pro users provisioned through AWS IAM Identity Center can be added as users to any number of QuickSight Enterprise Edition accounts within a single AWS payer account at no extra charge.

Pricing for Authors in Amazon QuickSight Enterprise Edition remains unchanged at $24 per user per month. The Admin user role also remains unchanged and like in the past, Admin roles are billed as Authors.

Readers in QuickSight Enterprise Edition are moving to a fixed price of $3 per user per month, instead of a variable price up to $5 per user per month, and get the new multi-visual Q Q&A experience. Reader users for Enterprise Edition + Q accounts move to the same fixed $3 per user per month instead of the previous variable price up to $10 per user per month. You can also now grant individual users the ability to customize Q Topics though Author Pro roles instead of paying $34 per user per month for all Authors in the account to have this capability. QuickSight capacity-based pricing for Reader sessions and Q questions will continue to be available if you prefer to pay for usage.

For details on how to add Pro user roles to QuickSight, see Managing user access inside Amazon QuickSight.

Amazon Q Business Pro entitlements

Amazon Q Business Pro is a $20 per user monthly subscription that grants access to both Amazon Q in QuickSight and Amazon Q Business applications. To learn more about Amazon Q Business, Amazon Q Business, now generally available, helps boost workforce productivity with generative AI. Users with a Pro role in QuickSight managed via IAM Identity Center can access Amazon Q Business applications without paying an additional per-user fee. An explicit action to subscribe to Amazon Q Business is not required. Users are granted access to Amazon Q Business applications from the Amazon Q Business console. If a user is unsubscribed from QuickSight and has never been explicitly added to an Amazon Q Business application, their Amazon Q Business Pro subscription will be automatically canceled when the user is removed from QuickSight. However, if the user has been granted access to an Amazon Q Business application, that user must be removed from the Q Business application directly before their Amazon Q Business Pro subscription will be canceled. These same rules for subscription removal apply if a user has their role downgraded from a Pro role to a non-Pro role.

Some users may be granted Amazon Q Business Pro subscriptions directly from their organization. Amazon Q Business Pro subscriptions provide an entitlement to a Reader Pro license in QuickSight. This means that if an Amazon Q Business Pro subscriber is added to QuickSight as a Reader Pro, there will be no additional per-user fee associated with their access to QuickSight. Amazon Q Business Pro subscribers can upgrade their role to an Author Pro or Admin Pro for an additional fee of $30 per user per month. Use of Amazon Q Business Pro requires that users be managed through IAM Identity Center.

If a user unsubscribes from Amazon Q Business Pro, but the user has been added to QuickSight, their QuickSight user access will not be automatically canceled. The user must be removed from QuickSight to end access. To remove a user from QuickSight and Amazon Q Business simultaneously, see Delete users in IAM Identity Center.

How an existing QuickSight customer can take advantage of the new user roles and pricing

As an existing QuickSight Enterprise Edition customer, you will see no changes to existing user pricing until May 1, 2025, at which time all Readers in your account will be billed at $3 per user per month. Contact AWS Support or your AWS account team to opt in to the new pricing changes before May 1, 2025.

Author Pro and Reader Pro user roles can now be added to your account at any time to gain access to new Amazon Q capabilities without impacting the billing of non-Pro roles, and users can be upgraded or downgraded to Pro roles at any time. Reader and Author users in Existing Enterprise + Q subscribed accounts can take advantage of Amazon Q capabilities granted to Reader Pro and Author Pro roles until July 31, 2024.

See Amazon Q brings new capabilities and updated pricing to QuickSight to see how the new pricing model could benefit your account.

About the Author

Shannon Kalisky is a Senior Product Manager – Technical that covers natural language question patterns and model robustness for Amazon QuickSight Q.