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Get higher quality call recordings using Amazon Chime SDK call analytics

Voice enhancement for call recordings using machine-learning-powered denoising and a new speech superresolution model Why is it important to have higher quality audio recordings? Organizations record phone calls and archive call recordings for a variety of reasons including regulatory compliance and customer service quality control. For example, in many regulated industries, such as financial services, […]

Introducing the Amazon Chime SDKs for iOS and Android

The Amazon Chime SDK is a set of real-time communications components that developers can use to quickly add audio calling, video calling, and screen sharing capabilities to their own applications. Developers can leverage the same communication infrastructure and services that power Amazon Chime, an online meetings service from AWS, to deliver engaging experiences in their […]

In the Realm of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Exploring Amazon Chime SDK’s Audio Science Innovations

Introduction I recently had the chance to sit down with Mike Goodwin, Sr Manager Applied Science for Amazon Chime SDK to discuss his team’s work and gain a deeper understanding of their latest innovations. As a driving force behind new audio technologies, the Amazon Chime SDK is continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible […]

AWS AppFabric

How AWS AppFabric helps companies overcome tech overload

Companies often license and manage dozens of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, with some deploying more than 100 applications annually, for communications, finance, content management, and customer relations. While their hope is that these purpose-built applications make employees more productive, the applications rarely work well together, creating security and productivity challenges. At AWS, we’ve seen a fundamental […]

Monitoring Voice Communications: Building a Dashboard for Amazon Chime SDK Voice Connectors using CloudWatch

Introduction When creating an Amazon Chime SDK Voice Connector dashboard with the help of Amazon CloudWatch’s robust monitoring capabilities, you can proactively identify and address issues that may arise, ensuring uninterrupted and high-quality voice communication. Amazon Chime SDK Voice Connector is a cloud-based service that provides Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking for voice calling. It […]

Streamlining Media Workflows: Amazon Chime SDK’s Advanced Composition Capability for Media Pipelines

On 7/24/2023, Amazon Chime SDK introduced enhancements to the composition capability of media pipelines in Amazon Chime SDK. These enhancements enable the combination of multiple video streams and screen sharing into a unified virtual presentation. Users can overlay videos and create dynamic transitions to enhance the visual experience. Additionally, 10 new layout elements have been […]

AWS AppFabric

Improve SaaS application security and observability with AWS AppFabric

Adoption of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications continues to grow, with many organizations now utilizing hundreds of SaaS apps across their business. While organizations routinely leverage SaaS apps to improve employee productivity, many suffer from security issues and inefficiencies resulting from data silos. IT and security teams face challenges related to quickly identifying and responding to security […]

Architecture diagram of Amazon Chime SDK Call Analytics Real-Time Summarizer solution

Effortlessly Summarize Phone Conversations with Amazon Chime SDK Call Analytics: Step-by-Step Guide

Introduction The Amazon Chime SDK Call Analytics Real-Time Summarizer is a solution that provides real-time summarization of the phone conversation held through Amazon Chime SDK Voice Connector that leverages the Amazon Chime SDK call analytics to provide real-time summarization of phone conversation health. This demo, Amazon Chime SDK Call Analytics Real-Time Summarizer, utilizes the Amazon […]

Optimizing Communication Infrastructure by Analyzing CDRs (Call Detail Records)

Amazon Chime SDK Voice Connector is a cloud-based service that provides SIP trunking for voice calling. It is widely used by businesses and organizations to facilitate communication with customers and partners. With Amazon Chime Voice SDK Connector, you can connect your existing phone system to the cloud and take advantage of features such as scalability, […]

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Add real-time call analytics to voice calls with hands-on workshop

Amazon Chime SDK launches hands-on workshop for real-time call analytics You can now learn how to use Amazon Chime SDK real-time call analytics with the Using Amazon Chime Call Analytics Workshop, a recent addition to AWS Workshops, a growing collection of self-paced tutorials designed to teach practical skills and techniques to solve business problems with AWS. […]