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Monitor Amazon Connect API usage using Amazon CloudWatch alarms

Monitor Amazon Connect API usage using Amazon CloudWatch alarms

Many organizations utilize Amazon Connect to run their contact centers and integrate custom applications through Connect APIs. These APIs are used to streamline and customize various aspects of contact center operations, such as managing agent states, retrieving real-time metrics, automating contact center processes, and customizing the overall customer experience to meet specific business requirements. However, […]

How to analyze Amazon Connect Voice ID metrics using Amazon CloudWatch

Join us for AWS Contact Center Day, a free virtual event where you’ll learn about the future of customer service, how machine learning can optimize customer and agent experiences—and more. Register now » Today, contact centers adopting Amazon Connect Voice ID are seeking insights from aggregated metrics such as number of successful enrollments and authentications over […]

Monitor and trigger alerts using Amazon CloudWatch for Amazon Connect

In the medical field, cardiologists rely on heart monitoring devices to capture patient baselines and trends that enable them to predict and treat heart disease and defects. Similarly, in the contact center field, the ability to monitor and detect anomalies is essential in maintaining a healthy contact center environment. With Amazon Connect and Amazon CloudWatch […]