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Amazon DynamoDB session videos from AWS re:Invent 2021

Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed NoSQL database service that delivers single-digit millisecond performance at any scale and is used by many of the world’s most demanding applications. This blog post recaps the keynotes and breakout sessions that featured DynamoDB at AWS re:Invent 2021, including links to watch the videos on-demand. The 10th annual conference was a hybrid event with both an in-person event in Las Vegas and a free virtual event with access to keynotes live, and breakout sessions on-demand.

This year, there were six breakout sessions focused on DynamoDB: two at the intermediate level and four at the advanced level, with three sessions featuring customer stories from HBOMax, McAfee, and Mercado Libre.

If you’re just getting started with DynamoDB, you should watch AWS Data Hero Alex DeBrie’s Data modeling with DynamoDB sessions, which have been very popular for the last couple of years on YouTube: 2020 Part 1, 2020 Part 2, and 2019. For more advanced DynamoDB users, you can watch the DynamoDB advanced design patterns sessions, which have been the most viewed DynamoDB re:Invent sessions the last few years: 2020 Part 1, 2020 Part 2, 2019, 2018, and 2017. You can also bookmark this YouTube playlist, which includes all the videos featured in this post, and see last year’s DynamoDB session recap of AWS re:Invent 2020.

Keynotes and Leadership Sessions

AWS re:Invent 2021 – Keynote with Swami Sivasubramanian

AWS VP Swami Sivasubramanian gives the database, analytics, and machine learning keynote, explaining what it takes to put data in action with an end-to-end data strategy. He also announces several launches, including Amazon DynamoDB Standard Infrequent Access, which introduces a new table class to help reduce costs by up to 60 percent for tables that store data that is infrequently accessed.

AWS re:Invent 2021 – Leadership session: Modernize your data infrastructure at warp speed with AWS with VP Jeff Carter

Organizations are reinventing their businesses with data and the first step is data infrastructure modernization. In this session, Jeff Carter, VP of Relational Databases at AWS, explains how AWS can help modernize data infrastructure with fast, automated migration tools, purpose-built databases, and integrations for analytics and machine learning. This session features a customer presentation from Rob Ford, Director of Software Engineering at HBO Max, who explains the AWS databases they use, including DynamoDB to help drive a better viewing experience.

AWS re:Invent 2021 – Keynote with Werner Vogels

Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO,, looks at the past, present and future of the cloud and how it’s changing what developers can build. He looks at how the developer experience has changed over time and announces a number of new AWS developer tools and services. Towards the end of the presentation, he shares the architecture of “New World”—a multi-player game designed by Amazon Games that uses DynamoDB to store game data. Guest speakers include Matt Coulter of Liberty Mutual and Payam Banazadeh of Capella Space.

DynamoDB on-demand breakout sessions

Level 200 – Intermediate

Which NoSQL database is right for you? (DAT204)
Speakers: Kanishk Mahajan (AWS), Jeff Duffy (AWS), and Deepak Thakral (McAfee)

NoSQL databases are purpose-built for specific data models and optimized for modern applications like mobile, web, and gaming applications that require scalability, low latency, and flexibility. AWS offers several fully managed and serverless NoSQL database services, including Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility), and Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra). Watch this session to learn more about using these AWS NoSQL databases for managing key-value, document, and wide-column datasets, and select the best fit for your specific use case. This session also features a customer story from McAfee about their ecommerce transformation with DynamoDB that helped them achieve 40 percent savings in storage costs.

What’s new with Amazon DynamoDB (DAT210)
Speakers: Chad Tindel (AWS)

This session introduces the latest DynamoDB features, including the new Amazon DynamoDB Standard Infrequent Access table class, which helps reduce costs by up to 60 percent for tables that store data that is infrequently accessed while retaining all your data in DynamoDB. This session reviews the key benefits of the feature, relevant use cases, and when to use this new table class versus the existing DynamoDB Standard table class. This session also reviews the new enhanced backup features in AWS Backup for disaster recovery, compliance and security, and simplified backup management.

Level 300 – Advanced

Amazon DynamoDB – Driving innovation at any scale (DAT303)
Speakers: Pete Naylor (AWS) and Oscar Mullin (Mercado Libre)

In this session, learn about key DynamoDB benefits that can help support your ability to scale up or down—based on your needs—with no impact to performance. Mercado Libre, an ecommerce company with 75 million active customers in Latin America, migrated more than 5,000 Apache Cassandra databases to DynamoDB without changing a line of code. Hear from Oscar Mullin, Director of Engineering (Core Services, DBA & SRE) at Mercado Libre, explain how DynamoDB helped Mercado Libre scale up its applications to support its massive customer surge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Data modeling with Amazon DynamoDB (DAT316)
Speaker: Alex DeBrie (AWS Data Hero)

In this session, AWS Data Hero Alex DeBrie explains the fundamentals of DynamoDB and how to use it as more than a key-value store. Data modeling for NoSQL databases like DynamoDB is different from modeling for traditional relational databases. Discover how to model complex requirements using simple building blocks. Also learn about primary keys, secondary indexes, and patterns for handling relationships, filtering, sorting, and more.

DynamoDB deep dive: Advanced design patterns (DAT333)
Speaker: Rick Houlihan

AWS Senior Practice Manager Rick Houlihan led a technical session dedicated to advanced users of Amazon DynamoDB. In this session, he explains design patterns and data models that are based on a collection of implementations and best practices used by a variety of customers to deliver highly scalable solutions for a range of business problems. Rick reviews and demonstrates important concepts, including the performance benefits of single-table design and common use cases for NoSQL, and breaks down associated data models to demonstrate how to design for scale.

Modernizing .NET applications with purpose-built databases (XNT304)
Speakers: Chad Tindel (AWS) and Thorr Giddings (AWS)

AWS Principal NoSQL Specialist Chad Tindel and AWS Leader for .NET Developer Advocacy Thorr Giddings explain how to get the most out of your existing .NET applications—focusing on database performance, scalability, and value—without making wholesale changes to your application. In this session, the team reviews how application architectures and patterns have evolved and introduces the requirements for building modern applications using AWS purpose-built databases. Among the 15 databases, Chad explains SQL vs NoSQL design patterns, tenets of NoSQL data modeling, and dives deep into Amazon DynamoDB’s key features including global tables. Watch this session and learn how to use AWS databases with your existing .NET applications.

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