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Amazon Managed Blockchain sessions and workshops from AWS re:Invent 2022

Engaging with the customers at AWS re:Invent is always a great opportunity for us to learn more about their use cases, get their feedback on our services, and present new features and capabilities. The Amazon Managed Blockchain team conducted a series of presentations and workshops that focused on how customers are using blockchain technology and developing blockchain applications. In this post, we discuss these workshops and sessions, and provide links to watch the session videos.

BLC201- When to use blockchain: Private and public use cases

The use of blockchain technology continues to grow as concepts of decentralization, digital currencies, and digital assets mature from ideas to foundational building components for the digital world and Web3. In this session, learn about key considerations for use cases that are suitable for blockchain solutions, key differences between private and public blockchains, and how these differences make each more suitable for certain use cases. Hear from Toyota on how they are bringing new utility and value to their customers with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and CJ Group on how they are using private blockchains to bring efficiencies for their cold supply chain.

Watch the complete session video, or skip to learn more about CJ Corporation and Toyota Connected North America.

BLC202- Hear from customers: Private blockchain success stories

In this session, learn about successful implementations of private blockchain from Korean Air and Broadridge. Despite much excitement and experimentation across industries from 2018–2020, transitioning private blockchain solutions to production has been challenging. Hear how Korean Air and Broadridge utilized private blockchain to transform production workflows in supply chain and financial settlement.

Watch the complete session video, or skip to learn more about Korean Air and Broadridge.

BLC301 – Build an NFT marketplace on Ethereum with Amazon Managed Blockchain

This hands-on workshop walks you through developing a complete NFT marketplace application that includes an NFT smart contract as well as a front end and middle-tier component. Learn how to deploy the created NFT marketplace application via Amazon Managed Blockchain to Ethereum testnet and mainnet.

Visit the self-paced workshop content.

BLC302 – Interoperability and bridging: Connecting blockchain networks

Blockchain bridges connect two blockchain ecosystems. In this chalk talk, learn how blockchain bridging works. The talk covers topics like unidirectional vs. multichain bridges, bridge contracts, and custodial vs. noncustodial bridges.

Visit the complete session presentation.

BLC303 – Reimagining your supply chain with blockchain technology

Blockchain technology has the potential to transform supply chains, enabling broad collaboration on a common platform between supply chain participants who may not otherwise be able to freely share data or facilitate business logic efficiently. In this chalk talk, learn how blockchain technology applies to supply chain use cases, and hear about lessons learned from supply chain blockchain implementations and the common challenges that must be overcome.

Visit the complete session presentation.

BLC401 – Using AWS Nitro Enclaves for secure blockchain key management

AWS Nitro Enclaves offers a flexible and secure compute environment for blockchain-related key management tasks. In this workshop, set up an enclave, create a temporary Ethereum key, and use the enclave to securely sign an Ethereum transaction. You should understand how to sign transactions for the Ethereum blockchain to attempt this workshop.

Visit the self-paced workshop content.

PRT226 – Innovation at the intersection of virtual and physical worlds with AWS

The past few years of uncertainty have made future trends difficult to predict. But one thing is clear: a digital ecosystem built on AWS and utilizing a convergence of blockchain, augmented reality, and immersive ecommerce services is on the horizon and may revolutionize online interaction. Business engagement strategies must evolve to keep pace. This session discusses core technologies and industry use cases facing this bold future. Watch industry leaders in the space discuss innovative use cases illustrating a range of client experiences.

Watch the complete session video.

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