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Introducing AWS Schema Conversion Tool Version 1.0.500

Today we are pleased to announce the release of version 1.0.500 of the AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT).

Since version 1.0.100 was released at re:Invent last year, the SCT has helped customers convert their schema and database objects from commercial engines to Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS) open-source, engine-based databases. Because customer obsession is one of the key leadership principles at Amazon, we’ve used feedback from our customers to add many new and exciting capabilities to SCT version 1.0.500.

Some of those capabilities include:

  • Copy your on-premises schema to an Amazon RDS engine: You can now use SCT to copy your existing on-premises database schema to an Amazon RDS database instance running the same engine. This feature can help you analyze potential cost savings of moving to the cloud and changing your license type.
    An SCT assessment report provides statistics on the conversion of schema from the source to the target database. A sample SCT assessment report looks like this:
    Figure 1: SCT assessment report showing conversion statistics for copying SQL Server to Amazon RDS for SQL Server
    For more information, see Creating and Using the Assessment Report.
  • Create mapping rules: Before you use SCT to convert your schema, you can now set up rules that move objects from one schema to another and change the names of objects. For more information, see Creating Mapping Rules in the AWS Schema Conversion Tool.
  • Export a JSON file to AWS DMS: After converting your schema to your preferred database engine, you can now generate a JSON file, which will be used by AWS Data Migration Service. The JSON file contains the list of objects to be migrated by AWS DMS and any transformations on those objects.

For more information about version 1.0.500, see AWS Schema Conversion Tool User Guide. To download SCT, go to

About the Author

Eran Schitzer is a product manager for Database Migration Services at Amazon Web Services.