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Generate logon messages for security and compliance in Amazon WorkSpaces

Customers can require that users be prompted with a security or legal notice upon logon to restricted systems. For example, the notice might indicate that the system is for “official use only,” restricted to access by “authorized personnel,” or highlight that activity may be audited. Microsoft Windows provides a mechanism to generate these message prompts […]

Enable federation with Bio-key PortalGuard and Amazon AppStream 2.0

In this blog, we will walk through the steps to configure BIO-key PortalGuard for federated logins to Amazon AppStream 2.0. If you are not using PortalGuard, you can review the documentation for setting up SAML in the AppStream 2.0 Administration Guide. The AppStream 2.0 integration with SAML 2.0 documentation contains links to help you configure […]

How to use Okta claims with application entitlements for Amazon AppStream 2.0

This blog post shows you how to use Okta claims to configure application entitlements for your Amazon AppStream 2.0 stacks. Customers use Amazon AppStream 2.0 to manage applications centrally, and stream them to their end users. With , you control access to specific applications in the AppStream 2.0 application catalog with SAML assertions. In addition, […]

Use Amazon AppStream 2.0 application entitlements with Azure AD

This blog post shows you how to use application entitlements with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for your AppStream 2.0 stacks. Customers use Amazon AppStream 2.0 to manage applications centrally, and stream them to their end users. With application entitlements, you can control access to specific applications in the AppStream 2.0 application catalog based on […]

Automated Alerting on Amazon WorkSpaces Service Limits

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced the addition of Amazon WorkSpaces Service Limits within Service Quotas. This now allows customers to have visibility into what their current limits are for the various types of WorkSpaces in a given AWS Region. Combined with the API operations to query deployed WorkSpaces, customers now have the tools at […]

Automating AWS Systems Manager activation for Amazon WorkSpaces

Customers want real-time visibility of their deployed configuration and logs for Amazon WorkSpaces. They want to fully automate patch management and enable application delivery. The core ask is to automate operational tasks for maintaining Amazon WorkSpaces using a service, rather than have to build, and maintain, an operational support infrastructure. AWS Systems Manager is the […]

AWS Announces the General Availability of Amazon WorkSpaces Web

We consistently hear from our customers that they are migrating critical workloads from legacy applications to cloud based, SaaS web applications. Unlike traditional desktop or mobile application development, web applications are often easier to build and support, they can offer nearly zero downtime, they can deliver better performance for geographically distributed users who may not […]

Use Elastic fleets and Linux for inexpensive, secure bastion hosts in Amazon AppStream 2.0

We’ve previously written about the security benefits of using AppStream 2.0 instances as bastion hosts. Bastion hosts (also called “jump boxes”) provide secure access to internal, protected network resources via RDP, SSH, VNC or web browser clients. Now, Elastic fleets combined with Linux instances provide several new advantages for bastion host use cases: Improved cost […]

Your guide to End User Computing at re:Invent 2021

re:Invent 2021 is back in person! After our first virtual re:Invent in 2020 we are excited to be with our customers both in person and virtually. Our End User Computing (EUC) speakers are excited to present live and cover EUC this year’s launches, best practices, and more. Start building out your re:Invent calendar and secure […]

Stream applications at a lower cost with Amazon AppStream 2.0 Elastic fleets and Linux compatibility

You can use Amazon AppStream 2.0 to stream Linux applications at a lower cost than Microsoft Windows apps. AppStream 2.0 is an application and desktop streaming service for securely accessing applications, data, and resources through an HTML5 browser or AppStream 2.0 client. With Elastic fleets, AWS manages the capacity users stream from, eliminating the need […]