Desktop and Application Streaming

Migrate your Windows desktop applications to WorkSpaces and AppStream 2.0 using Cloudhouse Containers

Our friends at Cloudhouse Technologies published a blog showcasing how you can encapsulate your Windows desktop applications for deployment to Amazon WorkSpaces, or streamed via Amazon AppStream 2.0. Cloudhouse’s encapsulation technology captures all of the application files, required runtimes, components, deployment tools, and other components the application requires, and creates a Cloudhouse Container. The Cloudhouse Compatibility Engine enables the application within that Container to run on a Windows operating system it may not be compatible with. For example, you can package an application that only runs on Windows XP, and deliver it to a WorkSpace, or stream it using AppStream 2.0. Cloudhouse Containers enable you to migrate legacy applications to modern Windows operating systems, while decoupling the application from the base image.

To get started with AppStream 2.0, check out the Getting Started Guide.  To get started with WorkSpaces, read Get Started with Amazon WorkSpaces Quick Setup in the Amazon WorkSpaces Administration Guide. To learn more about Cloudhouse Containers and AWS, check out their solutions page.