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Neo Financial achieves Zero Trust goals and meets compliance requirements with Amazon WorkSpaces Web

Organizations handling personal financial data are expected to maintain extremely high levels of security and adhere to strict compliance requirements. Many IT organizations find it challenging to keep costs low while enabling remote workers with the tools required to do their jobs and supporting Zero Trust initiatives.

Neo Financial, a Canadian financial technology firm and AWS customer, recently deployed Amazon WorkSpaces Web to provide remote employees with secure access to their admin portal. By using WorkSpaces Web, Neo Financial addressed its security and compliance challenges like meeting their Zero Trust goals. The company also improved operational efficiency and reduced new employee onboarding time.

Read the full Neo Financial case study to learn more about why the company implemented WorkSpaces Web for its employees, and how the service helped their IT team optimize use of limited resources.

AWS End User Computing (EUC) services, including the Amazon WorkSpaces Family services and Amazon AppStream 2.0, are designed to give organizations the flexibility to choose the best-fit solution for their unique requirements – ­with the security, performance, and global footprint of the AWS Cloud.

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Alan Patterson Alan Patterson serves as Sr Product Marketing Manager for AWS End User Computing (EUC) services. As the marketing lead for AWS EUC, Alan is responsible for messaging and content development, awareness generation, and go-to-market support.