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Reducing Docker image build time on AWS CodeBuild using an external cache

With the proliferation of containerized solutions to simplify creating, deploying, and running applications, coupled with the use of automation CI/CD pipelines that continuously rebuild, test, and deploy such applications when new changes are committed, it’s important that your CI/CD pipelines run as quickly as possible, enabling you to get early feedback and allowing for faster […]

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Serverless custom action architecture

Building Windows containers with AWS CodePipeline and custom actions

Dmitry Kolomiets, DevOps Consultant, Professional Services AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeBuild are the primary AWS services for building CI/CD pipelines. AWS CodeBuild supports a wide range of build scenarios thanks to various built-in Docker images. It also allows you to bring in your own custom image in order to use different tools and environment configurations. […]

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Dockerizing a Python Web App

A few weeks ago Elastic Beanstalk announced support for deploying and managing Docker containers in the AWS cloud. In this post we’ll walk through Dockerizing a simple signup form web app originally written for the Elastic Beanstalk Python environment. About the Signup Form App We built and blogged about this app a few months ago. […]

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