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Ahead in the Cloud: My New Book on the Future of Enterprise IT (and My New Role)

  “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.” — John Pierpont “J.P.” Morgan Today I’m excited to make two announcements: First, my new book, Ahead in the Cloud, became available last week. Over the last three and a half years as the Global Head of Enterprise Strategy for […]

Top-Down Transformation: Shu-Ha-Ri to Go Beyond Command-and-Control

In a previous blog post, I talked about how to drive top-down change in an enterprise, and how to take advantage of command-and-control authority even in an Agile setting. In this post, I’ll talk about a particular technique that draws on authority. It is the change management approach called “Shu-ha-ri,” a concept drawn from the […]

What to Expect from Your Analytics Platform

who_is_danny/ In my last post I covered why every organization has a big data problem. In summary, the shortcomings in legacy database technologies (and associated infrastructure costs) lead companies to fragment and throw a lot of data away because it’s not perfect, too big, too old, etc. In this post I’ll cover what businesses should […]

Driving Change from the Top Down: Wielding Organizational Power

When it comes to digital transformation, every enterprise is different. There is often a change agent (or a set of change agents) with a vision, a knowledge of good practices, a sense of urgency, and the energy to battle impediments. The change agent(s) may be anywhere in the organizational structure: high, low, or—in a typical […]

Using a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE) to Transform the Entire Enterprise

Large enterprises beginning a transformation journey often find that they already have pockets of transformation that have escaped notice. But why haven’t good practices spread from these isolated corners of the enterprise and transformed the rest of the organization? I think the answer is that transforming the whole of the enterprise requires…well, a large transformation. […]

12 Steps to Get Started With The Cloud

 “The hardest thing about getting started is getting started.” — Guy Kawasaki Executives are under increasing pressure to deliver Cloud transformation results quickly. Getting fully setup for success should not stop you from getting going, that said, understanding lessons learned from those who have gone before, saves time and money. As an enterprise strategist for Amazon Web Services, […]

A 12 Step Program to Get from Zero to Hundreds of AWS-Certified Engineers

“Don’t wish for what you haven’t got; it blinds you to the possibilities of the present” As an AWS Enterprise Strategist, I have the privilege of meeting executives from around the globe who are faced with a wide range of business and technology challenges. Each customer is unique. Many of the challenges, however, like history, tend […]

The Future Waits for Nobody — My Capital One Journey to the AWS Cloud

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done” — Bruce Lee There’s a quote that’s always stuck in my mind, and Marvel Comic fans will know it well — “With great power, comes great responsibility.” For me, that great responsibility was making sure that millions of our customers at Capital One UK could […]

The Fast and the Furious: How the Evolution of Cloud Computing Is Accelerating Builder Velocity

© Ozzy Delaney In my role as Head of Enterprise Strategy for AWS, I have a lot to be grateful for. After having led a large-scale business transformation using the cloud as the CIO of Dow Jones, I now have a front-row seat to watch some of the largest companies in the world (News […]