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Performance Improvements in Lumberyard Beta 1.20 – Available Now

Speed matters in game development – both in terms of how efficient your workflows are and how performant your game is.

That’s why today, we’re excited to announce Amazon Lumberyard Beta 1.20, which reduces the time it takes Lumberyard to scan assets by 90%. This release contains over 200 improvements, fixes, and features. Click here to download Lumberyard 1.20 today. 

Here are some highlights:

  • Asset Processor scan time improvements. In Lumberyard 1.18, we reduced the time it took to launch the Lumberyard editor by introducing Fast Scanning Mode to the Asset Processor. In Lumberyard 1.20, we improved Fast Scanning Mode even more. Now Lumberyard’s Asset Processor only scans asset files that have been modified since the last Lumberyard launch. A faster scan means a faster editor start up. This feature is on by default.
  • EBus performance improvements. We’ve reduced the overhead of using the Event Bus (EBus for short) messaging system so game systems and components can send and receive events faster (by at least 20% in most cases and up to 80% in others.) Using EBuses to send events between different game systems and components now performs closer to that of calling the event as a raw function. These low-level improvements don’t require you to make any changes – all of the APIs are staying the same.

Lumberyard 1.20 also has new features and improvements to the animation and audio systems, integration with AWS Device Farm to test on a wide range of mobile devices quickly, and more. You can read the full release notes here.

As always, we want your help driving the roadmap for future features and improvements. Send us your feedback at or get in touch on our forums.

Download Lumberyard Beta 1.20
Release notes for Lumberyard Beta 1.20