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Industrial Data Fabric solution best practices – Part 1, organizational readiness and alignment

Industrial Data Fabric (IDF) solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS) enable manufacturing and industrial companies to build the foundation for digital transformation to help optimize operations. IDF helps align different data types in the time domain with context as it combines many disparate data sources like time series data from machines, maintenance data from EAM […]

SGN Modernizes Gas Control Infrastructure Using AWS Professional Services

SGN Modernizes Gas Control Infrastructure Using AWS Professional Services

Compliance and security are increasingly important in a world full of ever-evolving security threats. This need for security is particularly apparent in the energy and utilities industry, where infrastructure is highly regulated by various parts of government. For gas distribution company SGN Ltd. (SGN), this made migrating its gas control infrastructure to the cloud a […]

Arriva's Data Journey feature card

Arriva’s data journey: building an enterprise Data Hub with AWS

This is a guest post by Neil Brown, Chief Technology Officer for Arriva Group. Arriva, one of the leading providers of passenger transport in Europe, has long struggled to measure its business performance due to a lack of consistent and identifiable ways of sourcing data. Their businesses, including those in the UK, Denmark and Sweden, […]

Industrial digital transformation: Using AWS to win freedom from pilot purgatory

Introduction Digital transformation is not a buzzword anymore. In fact, the last 18 months of the COVID-19 pandemic have upended the very nature of work to the extent that we are currently experiencing what many are calling the “Great Resignation.” The new normal is quite different; remote work is here to stay. If companies do […]

Five’s Automated Driving Systems (ADS) Testing Platform on AWS

Five was founded in Cambridge, England in 2015 to build a complete autonomous vehicle system. Its team of computer scientists, engineers, and roboticists built a Level 4 urban automated driving system which was demonstrated in London in 2019. Five took the lessons from that work and created a platform for the development and safety assurance […]

21st Century Forecasting for the Travel and Hospitality Industry

Last year was unprecedented for the travel and hospitality industry and for travelers and guests, providers and suppliers, employees and stakeholders alike. As a result of the disruption, companies that relied on moving average forecasting or looked to the same period last year have found themselves at the helm of a rudderless ship. Without accurate […]