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Tredence Helps CPGs Leverage AI/ML Solutions feature card

CPG Partner Conversations: Tredence Helps CPGs Leverage AI/ML Solutions

Consumer packaged goods (CPGs) are transitioning from a post-pandemic surging consumer demand for many products (driving revenues and profitability) to experiencing inflationary pressures (a tightening from the consumer and steep costs). CPG firms are utilizing more data to drive business decisions ranging from marketing, advertising and product innovations. They are using new materials, adding functional […]

Banking Fraud Detection with Machine Learning and Real-time Analytics on AWS

Banking Fraud Detection with Machine Learning and Real-time Analytics on AWS

The banking industry faces a constant battle against financial fraud. With the rise of online transactions, mobile banking, and digital payment methods, the risk of fraudulent activities has grown exponentially. To combat this ever-evolving threat, banks are turning to modern technologies on the cloud, specifically using machine learning to augment the rule engine and to […]

Industrial Automation Software Management on AWS—Best Practices for Operational Excellence

Factory or intralogistics automation, which can include assembly stations, sortation stations, robots, and conveyors, are programmed and operated by their respective native controllers or programmable logic controllers (PLCs). These controllers execute programs to control physical equipment to accomplish a task—for example, painting a car with the specified color or sorting an item by its barcode […]

Broadcasters scale personalized advertising feature card

Broadcasters scale personalized advertising utilizing SAS 360 Match On AWS

Media Publishers, particularly broadcasters, are facing increased challenges in today’s fiercely competitive and rapidly expanding streaming landscape. Providing a personalized viewing experience has become a necessity to enhance the streaming experience to attract and retain viewers. To deliver personalized messaging at scale, it is essential to rapidly scale advertising operations, reduce time to market with […]

FenixCommerce feature card

Retail Partner Conversations: FenixCommerce improves profitability using AI

After the pandemic’s hyper-growth in ecommerce sales, online retailers and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are now having to compete in a higher inflation environment and uncertain economy. One area gaining increasing attention is shipping and delivery—either how to reduce cost or offer a better delivery experience (often both). In the latest installment of our Retail Partner […]

A Healthcare & Life Sciences Guide to AWS re:Invent 2023

A Healthcare and Life Sciences Guide to AWS re:Invent 2023

Throughout 2023, we’ve witnessed an acceleration of innovation at the intersection of health and technology. And with this year’s AWS re:Invent right around the corner, industry and AWS leaders are preparing to share their cutting edge technologies, use cases, and breakthroughs fueled by integrated data strategies, machine learning, and generative AI. Running November 27 through […]

Jump start your cloud transformation

Jump start your Cloud Transformation with Experience-Based Acceleration on AWS

Large migration and modernization projects can be complex, especially for airlines that rely on legacy technology, including decades-old mainframes. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers multiple mechanisms to help airlines and other customers overcome common challenges, like lack of communication or employee adoption, to accelerate outcomes. One mechanism, which has been used by several airlines, including […]

Remote Vehicle Diagnostics with AWS IoT FleetWise and Amazon Connect

Remote vehicle diagnostics is the ability to remotely detect and diagnose vehicle malfunctions. Connected mobility and improvements in On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) have made it possible to remotely diagnose vehicle malfunctions. Prior to connected vehicles the repair process was reactive. Service centers had little insight into vehicle malfunctions until they were brought in and inspected. Service […]

Unlocking Predictive Maintenance with Amazon Monitron

Unlocking Predictive Maintenance with Amazon Monitron

Maintenance: it’s always been critical to industrial machinery. But what happens when machines fail unexpectedly? How do companies anticipate these issues, not just react to them? The answer to this question lies in predictive maintenance. Predictive maintenance uses technology and data to predict when equipment is likely to fail. For many industries, predictive maintenance technology […]

Reinventing Energy with Energy Data Insights™ on AWS for the OSDU® Data Platform

Reinventing Energy with Energy Data Insights™ on AWS for the OSDU® Data Platform

A reliable and secure energy supply is at the heart of today’s world. Oil and gas companies are facing a perfect storm of operational and business challenges. Transition to renewable energy sources, volatile commodity prices, increasingly strict environmental regulations, increasing geopolitical and macroeconomic uncertainty, and all amidst pressure to sustainably find, produce and refine hydrocarbons […]