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FSI Services Spotlight: Featuring Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

In this edition of the Financial Services Industry (FSI) Services Spotlight monthly blog series, we highlight five key considerations for customers running workloads on Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP (FSx for ONTAP) achieving compliance, data protection, isolation of compute environments, audits with APIs, and access control/security. Across each area, we will examine specific guidance, suggested […]

New Era of Energy

“Go Together”: Key Takeaways to unlocking the New Era of Energy at EAGE

Geosciences and engineering professionals congregated in Madrid this month to focus on “Leading Geosciences into a New Era.” The 83rd annual EAGE was a great opportunity to discuss how technology meets the new energy sector challenges. I enjoyed many inspiring conversations and want to share some of my takeaways about the energy transition and the […]

Keynote Insights from Industry Innovators: Healthcare & Life Sciences 2022

Keynote Insights from Industry Innovators: Healthcare & Life Sciences 2022

Patients, caregivers, and providers all want better treatments, more equitable access to care, and ultimately healthier communities. Achieving these goals requires changing how we approach health and making it more personal by integrating genomics into therapeutic development, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to guide and improve clinical workflows, and even incorporating social […]

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Building an Automotive Embedded Linux Image for Edge and Cloud Using Arm-based Graviton Instances, Yocto Project, and SOAFEE

Embedded software developers in the automotive industry have used a traditional embedded development methodology that has been largely unchanged for decades. The embedded target system that the software is being written for is by nature resource constrained with limited memory, compute, and input/output capacity. Additionally, embedded development systems are often expensive and a scarce commodity […]

Zero Touch Claims – How P&C insurers can optimize claims processing using AWS AI/ML services

In today’s world, consumers have more power than ever before, and even more choices and experiences. However, this poses a unique challenge for insurers. Typically, insurance companies have limited touchpoints with the customer, given the insurance value chain of quote, buy, and claim. This leaves the provided customer experience as the key competitive differentiator. Simplifying the […]

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Capa Airline Leaders’ Summit—an AWS Look at How Digital Transformation Is Reinventing the Customer Experience

I recently attended the CAPA Airline Leaders’ Summit – Airlines in Transition in Manchester, United Kingdom. As noted in my previous blog, I was thrilled to engage with my peers in person again and share my thoughts on how airlines are using digital transformation to prepare for the future and to optimize core operations. In […]

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Putting Its Best Foot Forward: Bata Steps Up Its Online Shoe-Shopping Game

A lot of the changes triggered by the pandemic are here to stay, and businesses must think on their feet to meet changing demands successfully. Ecommerce has exploded, growing two to five times faster than pre-pandemic levels, according to this McKinsey report. Like all eruptions, this one too, unveiled a host of behind-the-scenes drama in […]

AWS’s views on HM Treasury’s Policy Statement on Third-Party Providers

On June 8th, Her Majesty’s Treasury (HMT) published a “Policy statement on Critical Third Parties (CTPs) to the finance sector”. In it, HMT sets out plans to designate certain third-party providers, including cloud service providers, as ‘critical’ to the UK financial system. The policy statement details HMT’s proposal for increasing financial stability and market confidence […]

A Political Agreement on DORA has been Reached: What it Means for the EU Financial Services Sector

Maria E. Tsani Head of Financial Services Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs EMEA at Amazon Web Services (AWS) On 10 May the European Council, Commission and Parliament announced a provisional political agreement on the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). This agreement will set the foundation for a harmonized pan-EU framework on operational resilience, which AWS […]

CPG Partner Conversations: Learn How CPG Leaders can use Snowflake’s Retail Data Cloud to Make Informed Decisions in an Unpredictable Marketplace

The COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented disruption to businesses and global markets. Although most of the world appears to be past the uncertainty and turbulence of the pandemic, companies, especially in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, continue to deal with major challenges, such as inflation pressure and declining demand. At the same time, consumer buying […]