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Listen to “AWS Industrial Insights” – A new podcast series for industrial business leaders

Introducing “AWS Industrial Insights”

We are excited to launch a brand new podcast series, AWS Industrial Insights. In every episode, we interview visionary leaders from industrial companies to share their insights on technology, innovation, and leadership. This podcast is for industrial business leaders who are looking to make data-driven decisions and learn from those who’ve experienced similar challenges. By interviewing leading executives, we’ll uncover their insights and learn exactly how their organization found a solution. You can find all episodes of AWS Industrial Insights on your favorite streaming platform or listen below.

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Episode #1: Strategies for adopting new technology (featuring General Electric)

In this episode, you’ll learn tips and strategies for adopting new technology – figure out what is limiting you today, and learn how to transform the culture of your organization to embrace new technologies, take risks, and solve for business-critical outcomes. Duration:00:30:13

Featured guests: Magnus Akesson, CIO & VP of GE Power Manufacturing at General Electric | Michel Putnik, Global Lead of Manufacturing Business Development at AWS

Episode #2: How to close the talent gap (featuring General Electric)

Manufacturing and industrial companies face a looming worldwide shortage of qualified skills on an unprecedented scale. Many refer to this challenge as the talent gap, or the skills gap. In this episode, we’ll discuss strategies for closing these gaps. Learn how to train, develop, and qualify talent within your transitioning workforce. Duration:00:42:43

Featured guests: Magnus Akesson, CIO & VP of GE Power Manufacturing at General Electric | Michel Putnik, Global Lead of Manufacturing Business Development at AWS

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Featured Guests

Global Lead of Manufacturing Business Development, AWS

Michel Putnik is the global Lead of Business Development for Manufacturing at Amazon Web Services. In his role, he oversees the strategy and execution of manufacturing specific solution areas across our largest global customers as the intersection between Operational Technologies and Information Technologies converge. Michel works closely with the AWS partner ecosystem and AWS software engineering teams to ensure we are jointly developing and delivering capabilities across the sector. Specific focus is attributed to the industry needs and requirements regarding manufacturing operations (smart factories), industrial services (smart products), supply chain visibility/analytics/forecasting and design/engineering. Michel brings 20+ years of experience in supporting customers in their business transformation journeys. He shares these experiences with a select few customers in the capacity of Industry Sponsor. Most of his career has been spent with IBM, SAP and Microsoft.

Magnus Akesson, CIO & VP – GE Power Manufacturing Division at General Electric

Magnus Akesson is the CIO and VP of GE Power Manufacturing at General Electric. He leads a global team that covers Digital Manufacturing and Operations Technology, ERP, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Technical Product Management, Software Engineering, Data Engineering & Architecture, Data Analytics, Lean Manufacturing, Restructuring, and Digital Operations. Magnus is a hands-on digital technology leader and industrial engineer with domain expertise in supply chain, manufacturing, customer-driven value streams, and aftermarket services. For over 20 years, he has led the technical and functional delivery of enterprise platforms, including ERP and MES, CRM/CPQ, warehouse & logistics, finance & HR shared services, customer interaction channels, and data analytics.

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Caroline Lawrence

Caroline Lawrence

Caroline serves as a Marketing Manager for Manufacturing at Amazon Web Services. Caroline brings a diverse international marketing background with experience in graphic design, social media management, public relations, and small business development strategy. Across the scope of her career, Caroline has led and facilitated several innovative projects focusing on audience growth, thought leadership engagements, and marketing ROI analysis.

Scot Wlodarczak

Scot Wlodarczak

Scot joined AWS in July 2018, where he now manages the manufacturing industry marketing efforts. Scot worked previously at Cisco, and Rockwell Automation where he held roles as Industrial Marketing Manager and Regional Marketing Leader. Scot has focused on marketing to industrial customers on their digital transformation journey, and bridging the gap between IT and operations. He has experience in automation across a wide range of industries. Scot holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from SUNY - Buffalo, and an MBA from Colorado University. He lives in Colorado.