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Relive the Innovation: AWS Next Level Demo Recordings from MWC24

Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona was another successful year where AWS for Telecom was on hand to deliver insightful sessions and interactive demos providing attendees with an opportunity to engage with AWS experts.

A curated selection of more than 20 customer focused partner integrated demos were showcased across four areas of expertise: generative AI, SaaS, network cloudification, and network API’s.

MWC24 attendees were able to see how AWS is taking its obsession towards their customer to the next level by showcasing proof points and customer success references powered by AWS partners.

AWS demos were split between three main themes: transforming telcos featuring a network cloudification journey that involved Cloud RAN optimization, smart scaling of 5G core, IMS resiliency, network lifecycle management, and smart billing; digitizing industries, featuring collaboration with Telcos and global systems integrators (GSI’s) enabling innovation across industry verticals while achieving cost optimization and network monetization opportunities for Telcos; and reimagining consumer experience, where demos focussed on the innovative solutions AWS is developing in collaboration with telcos and leading independent software vendors (ISVs) to elevate consumer experience while enabling new revenue streams.

Transforming telcos

Communication service providers (CSPs) are moving away from complex radio access network (RAN) products, as they seek to take advantage of the flexibility, scalability, and simplicity provided by network cloudification. This transition is enabling CSPs to explore new use cases, optimize network performance, integrate generative AI, deliver new services at scale, and improve data insights via technologies such as telco-specific large language models (LLMs).

Highlights from this track included:

  • Samsung Cloud RAN Leveraging Cloud RAN with Samsung to provision workloads dynamically across 4G and 5G;
  • Generative AI RAN chatbot resulting in a 20% increase in team efficiency and 10% reduction in the duration of the maintenance window for RAN operations Chatbot by creating an operational chatbot, resulting in a 30 percipiency;
  • Telstra IMS on AWS improving the availability and reliability of IP-based multimedia services (IMS) with Telstra;
  • Ericsson Language Intelligence on AWS using AWS generative AI to gain Telco focused intelligence using telco-specific large language models (LLMs);
  • Nokia Cloud RAN, with Telefonica leveraging Nokia cloud RAN to boost performance and scalability.

A selection of demos also focused on reducing capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operational expenditure (OPEX). With 37 percent of call center queries focusing on billing, there are major savings that can be made if you can address billing-related issues early enough. We learned how:

Digitizing industries

In industries including agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, travel, and entertainment, telcos are helping companies transform how they do business by embracing digital solutions. In this series of AWS demos, experts and partners revealed how AWS Integrated Private Wireless program, mobile edge computing, digital twins, 5G, and AWS generative AI are helping to optimize costs, reduce time to market, meet sustainability objectives, and create new revenue streams.

One of the highlights was the Transforming Agriculture with 5G and MEC demo, a collaboration between TELUS, RedHat, Beyond Now and Intraway showing how the agricultural industry can improve precision farming by integrating 5G and AWS generative AI services. TELUS is making it easy for companies in the AgTech sector to find the best solutions, by providing off-the-shelf monetization opportunities, and creating a marketplace where they can connect with manufacturers, telcos, agronomists, and retailers.

Smart technology also featured heavily in other demos where AWS experts revealed how, Jabil improved defect detection in its manufacturing process through smart defect detection in manufacturing and attendees learned how Snowflake and AWS are enabling smarter network implementation with smart network operations in airports by using digital twin modelling, enabling the team to visually monitor, analyze, and simulate the network architecture and performance.

Telcos will focus on exposing network capabilities through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) by unlocking information from 5G networks, giving more control over network programmability to manage areas such as quality of service and bandwidth. It’s important to consider the components needed for a network API, including computing power, storage, databases, and machine learning capabilities needed to give the developers an enhanced experience to support.

Illustrated by

Reimaging consumer experience

Uninterrupted quality of experience (QoE) is one of the key expectations for telco customers, with gaming being a primary use case. According to one study, 79 percent of gamers now play on mobile devices, which makes ensuring a streamlined experience a priority for CSPs, as unresolved device issues will negatively affect customer metrics such as net promoter score (NPS).

In a demo, enhancing consumer interaction with generative AI leveraging MCE generative AI, from NVIDIA, Vodafone, MCE, and Mavenir showcased a consumer journey that included device and network support for latency sensitive applications using AWS Wavelength to achieve the required QoE powered device care. For network support they used NVIDIA’s DGX platform on AWS and Mavenir to get root cause analysis of network degradation in real time using AWS generative AI service.

Elsewhere, AWS continued its smart home collaboration with TELUS from 2023, expanding the scope of smart living to providing wellness solutions for seniors’ with the interactive home of the future. This demo featured the next phase of SmartHome+, integrating AWS generative AI, AWS IoT Core, and Alexa Voice Services. Presenting a more personalized, responsive smart home environment, which can learn and adapt across various device platforms.

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Mili Shah

Mili Shah

Mili is a Senior Partner Marketing Manager in AWS for Telecom