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Improve application resiliency using AWS Incident Detection and Response

Improve application resiliency using AWS Incident Detection and Response

Airline applications that handle critical functions such as flight booking, flight tracking, reward programs, baggage tracking, in-flight entertainment, and so on are transforming the way passengers experience air travel. Any disruption to these applications may inconvenience passengers, or worse, lead to loss of revenue and passenger trust. Disruptions that lead to major delays may also […]

Jump start your cloud transformation

Jump start your Cloud Transformation with Experience-Based Acceleration on AWS

Large migration and modernization projects can be complex, especially for airlines that rely on legacy technology, including decades-old mainframes. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers multiple mechanisms to help airlines and other customers overcome common challenges, like lack of communication or employee adoption, to accelerate outcomes. One mechanism, which has been used by several airlines, including […]

The future of air travel retailing

Travel is a personal experience, whether you are traveling for leisure, business, or a combination of both. When people travel, they dream about exotic places, the opportunity to meet new people, make connections, create partnerships, or drive new business. There are thousands of travel technology topics I could write about, but with the IATA Airline […]