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AWS Travel and Hospitality Competency Partners you should know: SequenceShift

AWS Travel and Hospitality Competency Partners you should know: SequenceShift

SequenceShift recently became the forty-seventh  Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Travel and Hospitality Competency Partner. I had the opportunity to interview Dmitri Muntean, Managing Director at SequenceShift, and Brad Fischer, Director of Partnerships at SequenceShift, to learn more about the company and their collaboration with AWS. 1. Congratulations on achieving Travel and Hospitality Competency Partner […]

Remote Vehicle Diagnostics with AWS IoT FleetWise and Amazon Connect

Remote vehicle diagnostics is the ability to remotely detect and diagnose vehicle malfunctions. Connected mobility and improvements in On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) have made it possible to remotely diagnose vehicle malfunctions. Prior to connected vehicles the repair process was reactive. Service centers had little insight into vehicle malfunctions until they were brought in and inspected. Service […]

Limiting Subscriber Churn by leveraging real-time subscribers’ feedback – part 2 of 2

In the first blog post of this series we introduced a serverless approach for CSPs to capture and process subscribers’ performance in real time. We covered how, by leveraging AWS real-time analytics services, CSP can identify subscribers with a significant rate of service impairment. Incident events are stored on a Data Lake, whilst overtime performances […]

Limiting Subscriber Churn by leveraging real-time subscribers’ feedback – part 1 of 2

When resolving network and service incidents, communication service providers (CSPs) have low visibility on how network incidents are perceived by their subscribers. As a result, resolution of network incidents is not optimized towards upholding customer satisfaction, leading to reduced effectiveness in limiting churn and increased cost of first-line support. This blog series demonstrates a fully […]

Voice enabling participant diary collection powered by AI on AWS – Part 2

Voice enabling participant diary collection powered by AI on AWS – Part 2

Blog is guest authored by Dr. Isaac R. Rodriguez-Chavez, SVP, Scientific and Clinical Affairs, Head, Decentralized Clinical Trials and Digital Medicine, Drug Development Solutions, ICON plc Learn how to integrate voice enabled diary collection into patient trials. Doing this could translate into a better participant experience―helping optimize study efficiencies to obtain quality efficacy and safety […]

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FSI Services Spotlight: Feature Amazon Connect

This edition of the Financial Services Industry (FSI) Services Spotlight monthly blog series highlights five key considerations for customers running workloads on Amazon Connect: achieving compliance, data protection, compute environment isolation, audits with APIs, and access control/security. Across each area, we will examine specific guidance, suggested reference architectures, and technical code to help streamline Amazon Connect service approval. […]

Recap of re:Invent 2021 for the CPG Industry

A couple of weeks ago at AWS re:Invent 2021, we announced more than 50 new products and services. If you have time, be sure to watch Adam Selipsky’s keynote address to hear major news, and also read the Top Announcement of AWS re:Invent 2021 blog post to learn even more details about some of our […]

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Automotive Call Center Services Solution Using Amazon Connect by WirelessCar

The number of connected cars on the road is set to rise from 125 million in 2020 to over 470 million by 2025. The push for electric vehicles is helping to accelerate a new era of modern vehicle architectures that are more centralized, with fewer distributed electronic control units driven by the introduction of domain […]

Reinventing automotive sales with AWS

Even before the current pandemic, automotive retail was undergoing a fundamental shift towards a more digital and personalized experience. For years, automotive manufacturers (OEMs) and dealerships have witnessed a decrease in dealership visits and have experimented with new digital experiences and retail formats to counter this trend. In this blog, we will discuss how new […]

In the News: Any Place, Any Time, Any Channel

This article originally appeared on Automotive News. How cloud technology can make call center experiences better for customers and more efficient for automotive brands and business “The sell it and forget it kind of relationship with customers just doesn’t add to a full brand experience,” says Art Schoeller, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester […]