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Build and deploy a scalable machine learning system on Kubernetes with Kubeflow on AWS

In this post, we demonstrate Kubeflow on AWS (an AWS-specific distribution of Kubeflow) and the value it adds over open-source Kubeflow through the integration of highly optimized, cloud-native, enterprise-ready AWS services. Kubeflow is the open-source machine learning (ML) platform dedicated to making deployments of ML workflows on Kubernetes simple, portable and scalable. Kubeflow provides many […]

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Deploy multiple machine learning models for inference on AWS Lambda and Amazon EFS

You can deploy machine learning (ML) models for real-time inference with large libraries or pre-trained models. Common use cases include sentiment analysis, image classification, and search applications. These ML jobs typically vary in duration and require instant scaling to meet peak demand. You want to process latency-sensitive inference requests and pay only for what you […]

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