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Build an AI-powered virtual agent for Genesys Cloud using QnABot and Amazon Lex

The rise of artificial intelligence technologies enables organizations to adopt and improve self-service capabilities in contact center operations to create a more proactive, timely, and effective customer experience. Voice bots, or conversational interactive voice response systems (IVR), use natural language processing (NLP) to understand customers’ questions and provide relevant answers. Businesses can automate responses to […]

Enhancing customer service experiences using Conversational AI: Power your contact center with Amazon Lex and Genesys Cloud

Customers expect personalized contact center experiences. They want easy access to customer support and quick resolution of their issues. Delighting callers with a quick and easy interaction remains central to the customer experience (CX) strategy for support organizations. Enterprises often deploy omni-channel contact centers so that they can provide simple mechanisms for their customers to […]