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By Colin Cupp, AWS Thinkbox Product Marketing Manager

SIGGRAPH is the premier event for computer graphics artists and professionals, drawing more than 16,000 attendees from around the world. With a schedule of rotating destination cities, this year’s event will be held in Vancouver, BC August 12-16.

In years past AWS subsidiaries have exhibited at SIGGRAPH (AWS Thinkbox, Lumberyard), this is the first year that AWS will be exhibiting and we’re really excited about that. Our presence this year is highlighted by our booth on the show floor, where we will have 6 pods demonstrating both AWS and our partner solutions for content creation.

On Tuesday, August 14th, we are producing a one-day session track AWS Cloud Tech Talks, where our customers and partners will join us to discuss industry trends, cloud technology, and complex production challenges. Later that evening, we will be hosting an AWS Thinkbox cocktail party at Cinema Public House in the theater district (8pm-12am).

AWS is invested in helping content creators. We have passed the 1 year anniversary of the acquisition of Thinkbox Software, and AWS has continued to invest and add functionality to Deadline to help manage rendering workloads; whether on-premises, hybrid, or full cloud. When it comes to scaling our customers’ rendering on the cloud, AWS has also continued to enhance Amazon EC2 Spot along with other AWS features, all with the goal of helping to provide almost limitless rendering capacity at a price studios can afford.

In addition to Deadline, Amazon EC2, and Virtual Workstations, we will be showcasing AWS technologies and solutions such as Amazon Sumerian and Amazon Game Tech.

Other key events include a daily beer garden at our booth from 4pm-6pm, and we are hosting a panel that was accepted as part of the official SIGGRPAH program: Visual Effects in the Age of the Cloud.

Learn more about our presence at SIGGRAPH this year by visiting our SIGGRAPH 2018 event page.