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In the news: Fox Sports uses AWS S3 to enable remote production for FIFA Women’s World Cup

FOX Sports was looking to create captivating program elements, such as promos, player profiles, replay clips, and B-roll packages, while matches progressed in Paris for the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, without ever having to leave its familiar, well-equipped “Pico” facility home base, in Los Angeles, CA.

From Sports Video Group News, read how Fox Sports is using AWS along with APN partners to power their coverage of the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Paris. With Amazon S3 at the core, Fox Sports’ Paris-based studio-show works on the live production in conjunction with operations, graphics, and playout based out of Los Angeles.

More details around Fox Sports’ World Cup coverage were included in this Forbes article written before the World Cup kicked off:

Studio content from the Red Square studio will be edited in Los Angeles. To make that all happen, FOX Sports will be using a content management system to handle the workflow. To do this, the network is using a fully customized CMS to make it happen by leveraging Reach Engine by Levels Beyond, connecting three separate media storages, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) storage and tools for the content.

All this means that massive amounts of data will flow back and forth from Moscow to LA. To do that, the system will use 10Gbps data transfer via AWS. According to FOX Sports, the system is scaled to move upwards of 25 TB from Moscow to Los Angeles every day for editing purpose.

You can learn more about how they used a similar workflow for the 2018 Russia World Cup in the video below: