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On-demand AWS tech talk: Tape-to-cloud migration walkthrough


Level 300 | Service How To

Whether a content creator (like a studio) or a distributor (like a broadcaster), Media Asset Management is a core workload for Media & Entertainment companies. In this tech talk, learn from media-specialist AWS Solution Architects as they walk through the newly released content migration solution from AWS, incorporating machine learning and media services for automated processing, packaging, and metadata extraction – perfect for accelerating media migrations to the cloud and into your own DAM/MAM.

Learning Objectives:

Characterize the content and the challenges around moving heavy media content to the cloud
Understand the necessary workflow and technology components involved with moving content into AWS
Learn the service components and benefits of managing content in the cloud

Who Should Attend?

Technical Decision Makers and Developers working on video archives projects


Jack Wenzinger, Media & Entertainment Global Partners Solutions Architect, AWS


Jack Wenzinger

Jack Wenzinger

Jack Wenzinger supports technology partners in the Media & Entertainment Vertical for AWS, accelerating their adoption of AWS in media operations and services to support their customers. Jack works with executives and technology owners to address their technical and non-technical transformation challenges, providing domain expertise for cloud adoption and achievement of key business objectives. Over 20 years spent defining digitization, MAM, and media workflow solutions for studios, broadcasters, sports, news, and government agencies. Jack is always ready to talk cloud, MAM, metadata, classic car restoration, big dogs, jeeps, Rush or other epic rock bands.