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Webcast: Digital Content Creation on AWS

Join us on August 26 & 27 to learn how creative studios, teams, and freelancers can leverage the cloud to enable remote setups, scale production pipelines, empower artists, and more.

With content production moving to remote models, the ability to work flexibly and scale easily is more important than ever. This shift has driven facility owners and content creators to look to the cloud for everything from virtual workstations to remote rendering and storage. Together with creative studio partners, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has developed a two-day event featuring five webcasts that offer first-hand best practices and production-proven insights on how to successfully leverage the cloud for visual effects and animation workflows.

Taking place on August 26 and 27, the series kicks off with a state-of-the-industry keynote, followed by feature presentations from Untold Studios, Hive VFX, and Cinesite, as well as a virtual roundtable discussion with NVIDIA and Tangent Studios.

Sessions begin each day at 8am PDT for the Americas, EMEA and Africa, and 10am IST for APAC, and run back-to-back. View the full agenda and register here.


SIGGRAPH has gone virtual this year, and AWS is an exhibitor with a virtual booth. These webcast sessions serve as an extension of AWS activities at virtual SIGGRAPH 2020.