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New account review process in the AWS Support Center for Amazon SES and Amazon Pinpoint

Note: This post was written by Dustin Taylor, an AWS Technical Program Manager for Amazon Pinpoint.

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) and Amazon Pinpoint have processes and systems in place to help protect AWS customers from issues that could damage their reputations as email senders. These systems alert customers about sending issues as early as possible. Examples of these issues can include high bounce rates, high complaint rates, or a large number of messages sent to spamtraps. In some cases, AWS may pause a customer’s account if the issue represents a significant risk or damage to their sender reputation.

To resolve these sending issues, customers work directly with the AWS team. Previously, the customer communicated resolution plans with AWS over email. However, the contact used to manage this process was the root email address of the customer’s AWS account. Many customers told us this process was inconvenient.

In order to make this process easier, we have migrated all customer communication on account reviews to the AWS Support Center. Effective immediately, if an account is placed under review or is subject to a sending pause, the Amazon SES and Amazon Pinpoint teams automatically create a Support Center case. To access the AWS Support Center, start by signing in to the AWS Management Console at Then, on the Support menu, choose Support Center.

If we open one of these cases on your account, you can use the Support Center to communicate with our team about the issue. In each case, we provide information about the nature of the issue. We also describe the information that we need you to provide us to resolve the issue. You can update the case with actions you have taken directly in the Support Center case.

These account reviews and sending pause events are rare. However, we hope that this improved process makes it easier to be successful with Amazon SES and Amazon Pinpoint.