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Send localized messages using Amazon Pinpoint templates and standard demographic attributes

As your application user base expands into more countries and languages, it’s important to make sure messages are localized for each recipient to improve engagement. Localizing your messages helps you reach your audience with content specific to their language settings. Creating separate messages for each language and managing each template separately can require a lot of duplication effort. It is also challenging to manage and group templates based on all possible locales or specific campaigns.

Amazon Pinpoint‘s messaging template provides a way to build a single message with multiple localizations. You prepare localizations based on locale of your audience registered with Amazon Pinpoint project.

This blog post walks you through a solution that uses the locale of your user endpoints to build a localized messaging template. We provide you with a template that is used with an Amazon Pinpoint campaign or journeys to target your audience across multiple locale with localized message content. This solution is applicable for all supported channels under Amazon Pinpoint, SMS, email, push, voice. This blog explains the solution for a SMS channel-specific scenario.

Solution overview

The solution below describes the workflow to send localized messaging to a group of users across various locales. The first prerequisite is to create an Amazon Pinpoint project in your AWS account and enable corresponding channels for message sending. Next, you will create an Amazon Pinpoint template using locale-specific message variables and register users endpoints with a demographic locale property. Once segment and template resources are generated, you can create a localized message in your campaign or journey.


Setting up the solution

1. Set up Amazon Pinpoint

First, create a new Amazon Pinpoint project and configure the desired channels from which you want to send localized messages.

2. Create a localized template

  1. Create an Amazon Pinpoint messaging template with supported message variables of your choice. This builds more dynamic and personalized content.
  2. Use Demographic.Locale from supported Endpoint attributes to customize your message content per locale using eq comparison helper.

Below is an example of using an endpoint standard locale attribute in a template.

{{#eq Demographic.Locale "fr-FR"}} Bienvenue dans l'expérience utilisateur Pinpoint! 
{{else eq Demographic.Locale "de-DE"}} Willkommen bei Pinpoint User Experience! 
{{else}} Welcome to Pinpoint User Experience ! {{/eq}}  

3. Register your users with locale property

Register your user endpoint to pinpoint with the demographic locale/timezone standard attribute.

The below is an example for registering an SMS endpoint with de-DE locale.

aws pinpoint update-endpoint --application-id $APP_ID --endpoint-id $ENDPOINT_ID --endpoint-request {"Address":"+19999999999","ChannelType":"SMS","Demographic":{"Locale":"de-DE", "Timezone": "Europe/Berlin"}}'

Note: You can also register your user endpoints using the import segment feature. This accepts a .csv file with all endpoints.

4. Create a segment with all locale users

Create an Amazon Pinpoint segment to define the audience you want to target with localized message.

5. Create a journey or campaign

  1. Create an Amazon Pinpoint campaign or journey.
  2. Use the template from earlier in Step 2.
  3. Create a segment with all locale users from Step 4.Note: You can also use Amazon Pinpoint local time and quiet time features to target your audience in their local time zone or at a specific global time (for example 10am GMT). This also respects the quiet hours (for example 23:00 to 8:00) specific to their local time zone based on the EndpointDemographic.Timezone property.


6. Execution:

A marketing campaign manager wants to send a localized message to every audience based of their preferred language.

  1. Creates a single journey targeting a segment with 2 endpoints (each with unique locale) from Step 4.
  2. Create a segment with all locale users using the template defined in Step 2.
  3. Create a localized template


The Amazon Pinpoint messaging template provides you the ease of managing a single template for multiple locales.

With a localized messaging template you can simply target your audience across locales and receive targeted analytics. Get started today by visiting Amazon Pinpoint’s webpage.

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