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Building an application with AWS Amplify, Amazon Cognito, and an OpenID Connect Identity Provider

This post was written by Carlos Perea – Global Cloud Infrastructure Architect at AWS, Krithivasan Balasubramaniyan – Senior Consultant at AWS, and Edvin Hallvaxhiu – Security Consultant at AWS AWS Amplify is an end-to-end solution that enables mobile and front-end web developers to build and deploy secure, scalable full stack applications, powered by AWS. AWS […]

Building Our Startup MVP – Why We Chose AWS Amplify

All of US Financial chooses AWS Amplify to build their fintech startup All of Us Financial is an online trading platform that offers retail investors an alternative to a traditional full-service brokerage. Built with the modern, individual investor in mind, All of Us offers service fee transparency and gives investors a portion of its commission […]

Use existing Cognito resources for your Amplify API, Storage and more

This post was written by Rene Brandel, Senior Product Manager, AWS In this guide you will learn how to integrate your existing Cognito User Pool & Federated Identities (Identity Pool) into an Amplify project. This will enable your GraphQL API (AppSync), Storage (S3) and other resources to leverage your existing authentication mechanism. AWS Amplify is […]

Production Ready Application Built in Three Weeks Delivers Critical Help in Orange County United Way Covid-19 Response

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, Orange County United Way quickly identified that many local residents could face economic hardship, impacting their ability to pay rent. The organization knew that without assistance, certain populations may face the horrible reality of homelessness. In response, Orange County United Way mobilized their team to provide pandemic […]

Building Scalable GraphQL APIs on AWS with CDK, TypeScript, AWS AppSync, Amazon DynamoDB, and AWS Lambda

September 14, 2021: Amazon Elasticsearch Service has been renamed to Amazon OpenSearch Service. See details. AWS AppSync is a managed serverless GraphQL service that simplifies application development by letting you create a flexible API to securely access, manipulate, and combine data from one or more data sources with a single network call and API endpoint. […]

SSR Support for AWS Amplify JavaScript Libraries

AWS Amplify is a set of tools and services that enable mobile and front-end web developers to build secure, scalable full stack applications powered by AWS. It consists of three main components: a set of open source libraries and UI components for adding cloud-powered functionalities, a CLI toolchain to create and manage cloud backends, and […]

Meet our MLH Fellows

Building Amplify as Open Source Software has given us many advantages — for one, it’s enabled us to accelerate development and work alongside our developers. We are always on the lookout for initiatives to grow our open source community. As COVID started to affect student internships Worldwide, the folks at Major League Hacking (MLH) started […]

Organizing your AWS resources using Tags with the Amplify CLI

Blog post written by Sebastian Crossa, an Open Source contributor from the MLH Fellowship program. In this guide, you’ll learn how to get up and running with tagging resources with Amplify CLI. AWS Amplify enables mobile & web developers to build full stack serverless apps. The Amplify CLI helps developers to create backend resources through […]

Using RxJava with AWS’ Amplify Android Library

This article was written by Jameson Williams, Senior Software Engineer, AWS. Today I’m going to talk about Reactive Extensions (RxJava), and how you can use them with AWS’ Amplify Framework. This blog is mostly geared towards readers who are new to “Rx.” The Amplify Android library is AWS’ preferred means for interacting with AWS from an Android device. […]