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re:Invent 2022 Wrapped: a Playlist for Web and Mobile App Developers

With 2022 in the rear view, re:Invent attendees have since unpacked their swag and organized a few gigabytes of photos from presentations, booth visits, and evening events. Those who attended virtually have long lists of notes, bookmarks, and questions for the AWS Amplify Discord. Finally, developers that weren’t able to attend are likely asking, “What did I miss?”.

Think of this blog post as a re:Invent playlist for web and mobile app developers. We’re including on-demand session videos, exciting feature releases from AWS Amplify and AWS AppSync, and helpful resources for building feature rich, full-stack web and mobile apps faster on AWS.

Delighting developers leadership session: Builder experience at AWS

Watch Adam Seligman, Vice President of Developer Experience at AWS, share the latest tools and experiences for teams developing in the cloud. Adam also recaps the latest launches and demonstrates how key services integrate to eliminate points of friction for developers and accelerate productivity.

What’s new for frontend web and mobile developers with AWS Amplify

Explore the capabilities of Amplify including how to easily configure a backend with authentication, data, and storage; create a frontend UI with Amplify Studio; and host static and server-side rendered web apps with Amplify Hosting. Watch until the end for a recap of new feature launches including Next.js support for Amplify Hosting; Amplify Flutter support for web, desktop, and iOS/Android; and extensibility features that let you use the breadth of 175+ AWS services with AWS CDK and modify deployment operations as needs evolve.

Next.js resources for Amplify Hosting

Flutter, iOS, and Android resources for Amplify Libraries

Design to code: Build an app frontend UI in minutes with AWS Amplify Studio

With Amplify Studio, frontend developers can quickly and easily build full-stack applications front to back, with or without a designer. Build pixel-perfect UIs by exporting prototypes in Figma to frontend code or by selecting from a pre-built component library, then visually configure an app backend and connect to your UI in clicks. In this session, our Amplify experts build a restaurant recommendation app UI in minutes, add authentication and location features, visually model the data, and bind it to the UI components in fewer lines of code than ever.

UI resources for Amplify Studio

Accelerate GraphQL API app development & collaboration with AWS AppSync

Customers use AWS AppSync to build serverless GraphQL APIs because it gives developers the ability to access data from multiple backend services in a single endpoint with fewer network calls, accelerating app development. Watch this session to learn about the latest AWS AppSync features that make it even easier for developers to modernize API development with GraphQL.

GraphQL resources for AWS AppSync:

Building a multi-Region serverless application with AWS AppSync

Growing organizations often need to serve users with low latency across the globe, prompting the need for distributed global infrastructure in the cloud. In this session, learn how to use AWS AppSync to streamline data access in multi-region applications by connecting to a GraphQL API endpoint nearby, accessing the data replicated between AWS Regions, and eliminating infrastructure management tasks – allowing you to focus on writing the code that serves your customers.

Create real-time, event-driven apps with Amazon EventBridge & AWS AppSync

Consumers today ubiquitously expect real-time digital experiences like sports scores, financial portfolio updates, interactive learning, location tracking, and chat capabilities. However, developers are faced with the challenge of delivering these experiences quickly and at scale. Watch this session to learn how event-driven and publish/subscribe (pub/sub) architectures, implemented with Amazon EventBridge and serverless WebSockets from AWS AppSync, help app developers use real-time data to create differentiated digital experiences for millions of customers faster than ever before.

Real-time app resources for AWS AppSync:

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