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Case Study: State Auto cuts production time to a day using AWS AppSync and AWS Amplify

State Automobile Mutual Insurance Company (State Auto), a property and casualty insurer operating in 33 US states, provides insurance products covering personal, commercial, farm and ranch, and workers’ compensation risks. In 2019, State Auto decided to create a cloud-native version of its traditional technology stack using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

State Auto sells insurance products through independent agents and agencies that sell State Auto products through their own systems. For years, State Auto used a traditional three-tier architecture: on the front end, a web application with JavaScript frameworks supporting browser development; various middle-tier components; and core business systems and supporting databases on the backend.

Using AWS services, State Auto built a new version of its web application that fosters a culture of innovation and improves the user experience for insurance agents and their customers. Read the full case study to learn how the company decreased production time from months to as little as 24 hours and helped developers code less by building the new version of its web application with AWS Amplify, giving agents a tools that is faster, simpler, and more intuitive to use, AWS AppSync to develop GraphQL APIs that handle the heavy lifting of securely connecting to data sources directly or using AWS Lambda, Amazon Connect, a simple-to-use omni-channel cloud contact center that helps users provide superior customer service at a lower cost, and Amazon DynamoBD, a key-value and document database that delivers single-digit millisecond performance at any scale.

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Jessie VanderVeen

Jessie VanderVeen is a Product Marketer for the AWS front-end web and mobile development services team which includes AWS Amplify, AWS AppSync, and AWS Device Farm. She’s based in Seattle and is an avid surfer and outdoor enthusiast.