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User settings sync for iOS with AWS AppSync

Amazon Cognito Sync is a service that you can use for syncing application-related user profile data across devices. The client library caches the data locally so that the app can read and write data, regardless of the device connectivity state. The data stored is generally shown as a key-value pair, where the keys and values […]

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Announcing: Direct Device Access in AWS Device Farm

The defining characteristics of a useful mobile testing service in the cloud are: instant access to a large number of real devices, ability to run parallel tests, excellent reporting, ability to configure the device state, and little to no modifications to your existing test setup. Working with our most successful mobile customers, we noticed that […]

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Announcing AWS Mobile SDK v2.6 for Android and iOS

Recently, we released the AWS Mobile SDK v2.6.0 for Android and iOS. The release has new features that make it easier for iOS and Android developers to integrate AWS backend services into their apps.  The new features include: A configuration pattern that makes it easier for developers to get started, and to target production vs. […]

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Test iOS apps on AWS Device Farm using Appium – Part 3: Upload your iOS Application and TestNG tests to AWS Device Farm

With AWS Device Farm, you can quickly get started testing your Android, iOS, and FireOS apps on real devices in the AWS cloud. Simply upload your app, choose your test framework and the devices you want to test your app on, and start your test run. AWS Device Farm will provide the results of your […]

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Preparing Your Apps for iOS 9

The release of iOS 9 includes changes that could impact how your apps interact with some AWS services. If you compile your apps with Apple’s iOS 9 SDK (or Xcode 7), Apple’s new App Transport Security (ATS) feature may affect your apps’ ability to connect to certain AWS service endpoints. In order to ensure your […]

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Amazon S3 Transfer Utility for iOS

As a result of recent updates to the AWS Mobile SDK for iOS, please refer to the AWS Mobile SDK for iOS Developer Guide for the latest guidance on how to upload and download files from Amazon S3 on iOS.  Refer to the iOS Sample Repository for code samples. Amazon S3 Transfer Manager for iOS […]

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