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Containerizing Complex Multi-tier Windows Applications using AWS App2Container

Many enterprises want to rapidly containerize and migrate their existing legacy applications to the cloud. That’s why AWS launched AWS App2Container in June 2020, a service that helps customers containerize ASP.NET and Java applications without making any code changes. App2Container allows customers to easily containerize and deploy an existing application to Amazon Elastic Container Service […]

Containerizing legacy ASP.NET applications using AWS App2Container (A2C)

Every day, companies are running legacy applications on top of highly scalable container architectures such as Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services (Amazon EKS). This is because legacy applications, many of them Windows-based, can be difficult for companies to manage and often need a heavy infrastructure lift to maintain. Because many […]

Cost optimization and innovation: An introduction to application modernization

This post is contributed by Douglas Lee, Principal Developer Advocate for Windows  When we work with customers running on-premises Windows workloads, we usually hear two things. Customers want to lower their Total Cost of Ownership, and embrace technologies that enable them to innovate freely to meet their evolving business needs. Introduction to Windows Application Modernization […]